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Last updated: November 27, 2018

5 Client-Friendly Blow Dry Tips

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5 Client-Friendly Blow Dry Tips

Clients tend to be BAFFLED by blow dryers. How many times have you heard, “I wish you could come home with me and do my hair every day!” Well, the next best thing? Teaching your clients how to style their own hair! Not only will your walking advertisement always look great—you’ll also build major client loyalty. Here are five tips for teaching your clients how to style their own hair from Sexy Hair experts.


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1. Ask her to show you how she styles her hair.

You can’t suggest a solution until you diagnose the problem. Have her first show you her technique so you can correct it—is she taking giant sections, too big for her round brush? Is she skipping product until after her hair is dry? Assess her method, then explain why, in your professional opinion, she should try something different.


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2. Explain the hair cuticle.

Your client probably doesn’t know what the hair cuticle is and why keeping it smooth is so crucial to limiting frizz, so talk it through. “I like to explain how important a concentrator nozzle on smooth styles,” says Katrina Cahill (@katrinashairstory), a stylist and Sexy Hair artist from Pittsburgh. “It should always be blowing in the same direction as the cuticle.”



3. Recommend the right products.

“The biggest AH-HA for my clients is realizing they need heat protection, both while blow drying AND styling with a curling or flat iron,” says Jessica Domoney (@jessicadomoney), a balayage and bridal specialist and Sexy Hair artist from South Florida. She likes to recommend Sexy Hair Hot Sexy Hair Flash Me as a pre-blow dry product because it protects from heat up to 450 degrees AND cuts blow dry time in half. Then, if the client wants to use a thermal tool on her dry hair, Jessica recommends Hot Sexy Hair Control Me, a working hair spray with additional heat protection that can hold styles for up to 72 hours.


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4. Talk about technique.

You know that trying to use a round brush on sopping wet hair won’t get you very far—but your client doesn’t! Here’s how Amanda Kimball, a styling expert and Sexy Hair artist from Raleigh, N.C., teaches her clients to get results: She tells them to spray Hot Sexy Hair Flash Me on wet hair, comb it through, then rough dry to 80 percent, using a paddle brush to flat wrap the hair around the head for volume. The combo of Flash Me plus the paddle brush cuts down on frizz and gets the job done very quickly. When the hair is at 80 percent dry, that’s when she tells clients to pick up the round brush, explaining that the section size should match the brush size.


5. Show, don’t tell.

Jessica literally gives her client her hands. “I sit on my stool, hiding myself behind her, and let her pretend my arms are hers” when the client is practicing blow drying or thermal tool styling. Or, blow dry one section, then have her copy exactly what you do.


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