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Last updated: September 01, 2021

Watch: Razor-Cut, Graduated Bob + Fringe How-To

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Cool Girl Bob Haircut Tutorial

Want to learn a new approach for razor-cutting a graduated bob with fringe?! We thought so—that’s why BTC went live on Facebook with Oribe educator Coby Alcantar (@cobywon) to break down the transformation process step-by-step. Plus, we caught Coby’s best tips and techniques to improve your cutting skills behind the chair. Check it all out below, then scroll to the bottom to watch the full video!


But first, peep the transformation!


Get the tips, then use the timestamps to watch them in action!

1. Prep With A Cutting Lotion

Always prep a razor-cut by applying a cutting lotionCoby swears by Oribe Foundation Mist for ultimate control and conditioning. (3:00)



2. Create Softness At The Hairline Using The Flat Of The Blade

When razor-cutting the perimeter, use the flat of the blade to diffuse maximum weight at the hairline, and as a tool to create a seamless, childlike result. Hold each section straight out from the parting to add additional softness. (4:49)


3. Remove Weight Without Adding Frizz

To remove weight without disrupting the cuticle or creating fuzziness while razor-cutting, Coby uses the edge of the blade to create strong linesthis creates a “piano keys” effect and helps prevent the hair from flipping out. Watch the technique below! (7:30)



4. Use This Fringe-Cutting Technique

Take a section from recession to recession and create a 1-inch deep parting to build the foundation. Then, work in three horizontal sections and work up the fringe opposed to cutting it all in one section. This fringe-cutting technique will maximize control and customize the cut. (32:11)


Watch The Video How-To




Finished Look


Products Used


Click through to see all the behind the scenes action! 


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