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Last updated: November 27, 2017

TONIandGUY 2016 Creative Release and Photographic Awards

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Our ultimate goal is to have an influence in upgrading hairdressing,” Bruno Mascolo said.


“We’re not all related by blood, but we’re related by ideas.”


Zak Mascolo perfectly summed up TONI&GUY’s Creative Release and Photographic Awards, which took place in Dallas on Oct. 23. Nearly 2,000 hairdressers took over the Intercontinental Dallas, a black-clad army who packed the place to learn about TONI&GUY’s two new collections and the winners of the brand’s annual awards program.


Zak Mascolo and the TONI&GUY team showed off the new Alter/Ego clipper collection!


Zak, along with Bruno and Anthony Mascolo, revealed two completely different collections—one of the first times TONI&GUY has done two. Why two collections? Because for the first time ever, TONI&GUY is getting into the clipper cutting game!


“We’re a hair cult. And we’re getting stronger,” said Anthony Mascolo.


The clipper collection, Alter/Ego, is a bold departure from TONI&GUY’s precision cutting. Full of skin fades and disconnection, the collection symbolizes a rebirth, a new era for TONI&GUY. The brand is fully committed to introducing barbering into its schools in the next year as well—but it will be barbering the TONI&GUY way. “Below the parietal ridge is new territory for us,” Zak said. “But above the parietal ridge? For us, that’s game over. That’s TONI&GUY territory.”


This is clipper cutting the TONI&GUY way.


The other collection, Euphoria, is a complete palate-cleanser. Meant to silence the noise, clear the clutter and evoke an ideal utopia, Euphoria is all about the disconnection of soft and strong with opal hues—a vision from a dream. Using TIGI’s new Bed Head Colour Trip shades, the TONI&GUY artists demonstrated a more delicate take on fashion shades.


Euphoria played with soft pastels.


The two new collections, plus a fantastic editorial presentation that was part pop art, part street punk, injected huge energy to the event. Plus, the brand launched its first capsule clothing collection with the tagline “All Hairdressers Wear Black,” or #AHWB, because—they do!


This editorial presentation was outstanding, from the patched heads to the dreadlocks.


“Our ultimate goal is to have an influence in upgrading hairdressing,” Bruno said. “All of us together, we can do this. We can upgrade hairdressing.”


After the Creative Release, it was time for the 21st Annual TONI&GUY Photographic Awards! Check out all the fantastic winning images, including the winners of the special BTC Editors’ Choice Awards!


BTC Editors’ Choice Student Cut:
Angela Lombard, Cranston Academy


BTC Editors’ Choice Pro Cut:
Jeremiah Johnson, Chandler Fashion Center


BTC Editors’ Choice Student Colour:
Natalie Loza, Manteca Academy


BTC Editors’ Choice Pro Colour:
Tanner Crane, Chandler Fashion Center


Student Cut:
Angel Martinez, Santa Monica Academy


Pro Cut:
Alyssa McMahan, Chandler Fashion Center Salon


Student Colour:
Jasmine Ortiz, Newtown Academy


Pro Colour:
Kelly Ostrand, Irvine Spectrum Salon


Student Makeup:
Nina Medina, Costa Mesa Academy


Pro Makeup:
Clarissa Borg, Cumberland Salon


Student Men’s:
Lauren Reyez, Keller Academy


Pro Men’s:
Richard Beato-Fred, Stonebriar Salon


Student Total Look:
Athena Alberto, Santa Monica Academy


Pro Total Look:
SJay Johnson, Costa Mesa Academy


Student Fantasy:
Courtney Rhodes, Scottsdale Academy


Pro Avant Garde:
Robina Smith, Santa Monica Academy


Pro Editorial:
Elena Mascolo, Stonebriar


Alumni Cut:
Hannah Almager, Manteca Academy


Alumni Colour:
Kendra Strand, Santa Monica Academy


Best Academy Student Team:
Costa Mesa Academy


Best Academy Team:
Santa Monica Academy


Best Salon Team:
Northpark Center


Best Art Team:


TIGI Colourist of the Year:
Lauren Martin, Westside Ironworks


Hairdresser of the Year:
Yvonne Mascolo, Dallas Academy


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