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Last updated: May 18, 2021

The Aircut: What It Is & How To Do It

How To Get Certified In The MIZANI Aircut

Confused by curly hair cutting? Not sure how to recreate a client’s curly cut every time she’s in your chair? Then you should check out the Aircut, a solution-based cutting method for all hair textures that gives you curly cutting tools and techniques so you can recreate a client’s cut EVERY time you see her! Watch Tippi Shorter Rank (@tippishorter), MIZANI Global Artistic Director, give a demo of the Aircut’s techniques, and keep reading for how YOU can get certified in this cutting technique.


Aircut: Why It’s Different

Many curly cutting techniques are shape-based, versus solution-based, meaning you use your artistic eye to create a shape and balance in the hair. But what if the client straightens her hair—does the cut look good? And what if she says “do exactly what you did last time” when she’s in your chair—can you recreate it?


Here’s what makes the Aircut special:

  • Takes the guesswork out of how to cut hair
  • Able to recreate your cut every time
  • Works on ALL textures
  • Based on finding solutions for wavy, curly and coily clients
  • Can be worn curly OR straight


MIZANI Aircut clients can wear their hair curly OR straight! Instagram via @tagartistrysalon


Click Here To Get Certified In The MIZANI Aircut!


Why Is This Called The Aircut?

Because you put AIR in the HAIR! The cutting system uses six “Glide” techniques to create air pockets in the hair for maximum movement.



How Do You Do A MIZANI Aircut?

1. The client should come in with clean, dry hair in its natural state. In the Aircut Certification course, you learn exactly how to communicate with the client to ensure she’s ready for her appointment, OR how to prep her hair for the cut in your chair (and how to charge for this!)


2. After a thorough consultation with the client, section the hair into the seven Aircut zones. The Aircut Certification teaches you the best consultation strategy, plus all seven Aircut zones, what the zones do and why each one is different.



3. Working on Zone 1 first, take down a subsection and prep the hair with MIZANI Miracle Milk 25 Leave-In Conditioner. This product is CRUCIAL to the Aircut because it helps moisturize the hair and act as a cutting aid, treating the hair with fennel seed and coconut oils while you cut. Spray the product into your hands, then rub and pat it into the curls, separating chunky curls as you go. You don’t want to make the hair wet—you just want to give it slip and break apart the larger curls.


The MIZANI Aircut can be done with special curved shears to make creating air in the hair as easy as possible, or with traditional straight shears.


4. Work through the zones using a combination of the Aircut Glide techniques (watch the video at the top for a demo on two of the techniques!) These Glides are a systematic approach to cutting curls, each with a purpose behind the technique. You learn all six Glides and exactly when and how to use them in the MIZANI Aircut certification class!


How do you charge for a MIZANI Aircut?

Once you are certified as a MIZANI Aircut specialist, you should adjust your pricing to reflect this. Here’s what Tippi charged when she worked in a salon:


  • Standard cut, blowout and styling: $110-$130
  • MIZANI Aircut: $180


Learn more about pricing and how to schedule MIZANI Aircuts in the Certification!


Scroll through the slideshow to see the MIZANI Aircut!

Instagram via @tippishorter

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