Video Quickie: @domdomhair's Undone Wave Video Quickie: @domdomhair's Undone Wave
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Last updated: September 27, 2018

QUICKIE: @domdomhair’s Undone Wave

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Whether she’s rocking a chin-length chop or long locks, Dominick Serna (@domdomhair), a stylist at Chris McMillan the Salon, is a pro at creating the ultimate undone wave on hair of any length. Since this style remains on top as one of the most-requested, we’re breaking down his go-to technique. Click through the slideshow above to see the variety of undone waves @domdomhair has created, then check out the full video below!



6 things to keep in mind…

  1. Dom’s go-to tool? The 1.25 inch Marcel iron from Hot Tools!
  2. Curl each section in different directions.
  3. When curling the hair, pull the iron downward so the curl comes out loose and lived-in.
  4. Put the heat as high as it can—the hotter the iron is, the better the curl holds—BUT don’t leave the iron in the hair for very long.
  5. Let each wave cool, then shake out the hair at the end.
  6. Finish the style by spraying some of your fave dry texture spray throughout.


Now see how it’s done!


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