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Last updated: January 17, 2023

One-Night Stand Clients: Learn The Red Flags To Avoid

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How To Fill Your Books With Loyal Clients That Keep Coming Back 

Ever wonder how your coworkers maintain a consistent clientele? We all have a couple, but what if your entire book was full of clients that never cheat (on you!)? Read these tips to bump up client retention and learn the red flags for flakey clients that you can look out for. 


3 Things You Should Do & Avoid When Booking New Clients

Booksy Senior Creative Marketing Manager Jose Schnekenburger shares his expert opinion on the red flags all stylists should avoid when booking new clients!


1. Avoid THIS Type Of New Client Appointment Request 

New clients are great, don’t get us wrong. But when you’re in the business of building a business, you need to be strategic. One of the biggest red flags Jose says that he sees is when “New clients book basic services (like a haircut) from someone who specializes in color.” 


If your Instagram, booking page or primary clientele comes to you for your specialty, it’s obvious your work is sought after. To avoid fly-by clients that just need a quick appointment, keep an eye out for new bookings that stray away from what the majority of your requests ask for. 


Need help organizing your schedule before avoiding one-night stand clients? We got you.


2. Implement Policies That Deter No-Show Appointments

No-shows and late cancellations are a big symptom of those “one night stand” clients. Luckily, Jose has an easy fix that allows you to still make money even when clients flake.  


“Pre-payments and no-show protection is the only way to avoid these disasters,” says Jose. “To make sure you don’t get ghosted, require clients to provide a percentage of your services when booking. Booksy can safely save clients’ cards on file and automatically charges clients who no-show within your policy.”


Pro Tip: If you don’t have a no-show policy or prepayment policy in place, do it BEFORE the holiday rush season creeps up! 

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3. Take This Advice To Lock In The Right Clients That Come Back

It doesn’t feel good to have the “wrong” clients in your chair—so we have three tips to help confidently book (and keep) clients you love.


Keep these tips in mind when booking to increase retention for clients you love:

  1. “Find what service you absolutely love and invest in becoming the best at it,” says Jose. Finding clients that want YOUR work is key—Jose recommends trying out Booksy Pro to build a custom profile that accentuates the best parts of the business you want to build. 
  2. Best time to keep clients coming back? Communication. Personalized emails, texts, app notifications—anything that makes your clients feel connected to you is a huge relationship builder you need for good client retention. 
  3. Personalize your social media and business profiles. Seems simple, because it is. Clients want to see a piece of you before they trust you YOU a piece of them.