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Last updated: June 17, 2019

How-To: Upsell Your Color Services

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The days of compromising your client’s hair for that creative color are officially DUNZO. With Redken’s new pH-Bonder you can finally create the “It” shade, color or tone she’s been dreaming of. We’re talking a stunning rose gold, a pretty periwinkle or maybe just a perfect blonde with a killer money piece.


Redken Artist Sean Godard breaks down how easy the new bonder is to use and how to create your perfect color, then shares a few tips for incorporating this service into your salon menu. Plus, we have a few colors you’ll instantly fall in love with that were all created with Redken color and pH-Bonder.


pH-Bonder: The Details
The trio of products that make up pH-Bonder are easy to use, can be added as a backbar service and provide new retail opportunities. Compatible with all hair types and specifically optimized for use with Redken lighteners and colors, this new service is making waves in the salon (and in your wallet)! Sean breaks it all down in the video below. Watch it now!



Before and After: Moneymaking Blonde
In the video above, Sean takes his client from a dull, multi-layer blonde to a brighter, lighter and healthier shade. His client came in with existing highlights and many different layers of blonde (she is natural Level 6 with some existing Level 9 pieces throughout). To add more dimension, Sean lightened his client and used pH-Bonder to protect the hair quality and create big shine.



pH-Bonder In Your Salon
Sean and the Redken team recommend charging $20 for the pH-Bonder service, and you can choose to add it on separately or simply add it into your color service prices. $20 per service might not sound like a big income booster, but when you do the math—woah! If you perform 10 services per week at $20 dollars per service you could increase your yearly income by $10,400 per year. Here’s two ways Sean suggests recommending pH-Bonder to clients.


1. For the client who is always coloring her hair, say something like this: “Constantly lightening or coloring can take a toll on your hair. Redken has a new service to help protect your hair’s bonds to improve the strength, shine and softness. Would you like to try it today?”


2. Or, if a client mentions that they are nervous about breakage or damage during the chemical service, try this: “We have an amazing new service that helps protect and strengthen your hair while we color it. Would you like to try it?



A Few Fave Shades From Redken & pH-Bonder

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