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Last updated: March 06, 2018

How-To: Sweet Honey Highlights

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Honey, it’s time for some highlights! Something fun, summer-y and lived-in? Look no further than these sweet honey highlights—totally perfect for your brunette in need of some lightening up!


Using the Balayroo Color Applicator, stylist and inventor Dana Bremner from Grand Rapids, Mi. got this gorgeous melt done in half the time. An easy-to-handle hand device, Balayroo let’s you get that color exactly where you want it with no leaking and no spilling! See how she did it!


Starting Level: 6

Paul Mitchell Color Formulas
Formula A (New Growth):
 6WB Paul Mitchell shines xg + 5-volume developer

Formula B (Highlights): 30-volume syncro lift


1. Apply Formula A using a staggered application. Fan it down the midlegnths to create a soft line.

2. Fill your Balayroo Color Applicator with Formula B. Pay special attention as to not overload the device. Using a “V” formation, run the Balayroo through the hair in a sweeping motion.

3. Process for 45 minutes.



How-To: V-Formation

1. Before beginning, load the Balayroo with your lightener.


2. Section the hair into four quadrants. Take a thin slice from the hair above the ear and weave out three large sections.
Note: Remember to always start at the base of your section and work your way up!


3. Take your Balayroo and run it through the hair in a sweeping motion. Apply your highlight higher to each outside weave and lower to the center weave.

Pro Tip: Use the inside edge of the Balayroo to pull extra product back in!


4. Gather the entire section and apply color to the ends for an ombré effect. Continue this upward, throughout all 4 quadrants.


5. When you reach the hairline in the front, bring the highlights all the way up to the scalp.
Pro Tip: Apply color lower than where the highlight should start, then fan the product going upward to soften the line using the top corner edge of the Balayroo.