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Last updated: October 30, 2017

How-To: Polished Hollywood Waves

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This classic look is highly coveted right now (think Karlie Kloss and Emma Stone on recent red carpets), and it’s easier than ever to achieve! We found this version of the polished Hollywood wave backstage at America’s Beauty Show. Get all the steps below!


Dawn Atkinson, Sexy Hair International Master Artist, revealed her two secret weapons to getting shine and polish on these curls. First, the new Sexy Hair Curl Lock Pro Ceramic Curling Iron, which has silicone strips that grip the hair and create more bounce, and Vibrant Sexy Hair Rose Elixer, which is a multi-tasking product you can use on hair and skin that gives shine without weight (and it smells AMAZING).


Watch the entire how-to!



1. Prep each section with Vibrant Sexy Hair Color Lock Hair Spray and comb through for extra hold.



2. Wrap your section on-base around the barrel of the Curl Lock Pro, keeping the clamp open. Slightly twist the hair as you wrap. This twist gives you a Hollywood wave set versus a traditional curl set.



3. Pin the curl into place and let them cool.



4. Repeat all over the head in a bricklay pattern in the back and regular sectioning on the sides.



Pro tip: Wrap the hair towards the face so they open away from the face on one side. On the other side, wrap the opposite way.



5. After the entire head is curled, spray all over with Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Weightless Hair Spray.



6. Remove each curl one by one.



7. Spray Rose Elixer over the entire head for shine and polish.



8. Brush through the curls, starting at the base of the curls and brushing all the way through to the nape.



9. If desired, add an accessory. Dawn added a small comb on the lighter side of the hair. Finish with Color Lock Hairspray and more Rose Elixer.



Finished Look



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