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Last updated: October 10, 2023

How To Formulate Bronze for Dark Brunettes

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Photo credits: Instagram via @kelleyscanvas & @live_love_dohair

3 Tips With Formulas To Create The Perfect Bronze On Brunette Clients 

We’re loving the bronze trend going around, but we know the formulation aspect can be tricky. Believe it or not, dark-haired clients are the ideal guest to create this color for. (Pulling warm is finally COOL)! Scroll through these three formulas and tips to try out on your next client asking to going to bronze brigade. 



1. Formulating Bronze For Low-Level Clients

Thankfully, this warm-toned color trend is perfect for low-level—aka, clients who naturally pull red. Balayage educator Melissa Maloney (@live_love_dohair) shares her root smudge and gloss formula for a sparkling bronze that looks intentional, not brassy. 


The key to creating a bronze color is thinking about the hue of the actual metal. You’ll need to formulate enough golden and neutral tones on top of your client’s warm base to create a bronze that does not pull copper. (We know, it’s a lot). 


Try Melissa’s Bronze Formula:

Root smudge: Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside equal parts 05N + o6Abn + Shades EQ™ Processing Solution

Gloss: Shades EQ 08V (15g) + 08N (30G) + 08WG (30g) + Shades EQ™ Processing Solution


Photo credit: Instagram via @live_love_dohair


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2. How To Choose The Right Level Of Toner

This color swatch from color specialist Kelley Brandon (@kelleyscanvas) took us back to cos school in the best way. When working with rich brunette shades, the mahogany undertones can process deeply—if you’re not used to toning with warm hues, look at this demo!


Kelley swatches the three new NCh Series from the Shades EQ line:

  • 04NCh (Dark Chocolate)
  • 06NCh (Ganache)
  • 07NCh (Fondue)


For Kelley’s full IG video, click here

Photo credit: Images via Instagram @kelleyscanvas


3. Formula For Brunettes Who Don’t Want To Be “Light”

Have a client who wants some dimension but doesn’t want to see any blonde? Try this formula from bronding specialist Maguy Rosen (@themaneartistry) on low-level clients who want to stay on the dark side but need a little brightness where it counts. 


Maguy’s formula breakdown:

  • Zone 1 & 2: Shades EQ Bonder Inside 04NCh + 04CB + 05G + Shades EQ™ Processing Solution
  • Zone 3: Shades EQ Bonder Inside 07NCh + 07G + 08GI + Shades EQ™ Processing Solution
  • Pro Tip: Adding any “G” shade into a warm and cool look helps to achieve a balanced tone.



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