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Last updated: August 11, 2023

Here’s How This Miami Distributor Anticipates All Of Your Salon Needs & Education

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @saynbeautypro

Meet The Industry’s New Standard For First-Class Service & Product Distribution

Miami-based distributor Sayn Beauty Pro has a lot to offer to the beauty industry: The delivery of luxury brands and experiences to stylists and salons nationwide, as well as unparalleled support across all platforms.


Now, this distribution company has set the bar for even higher for shelf-to-stylist transactions. Stylists can now access Sayn Beauty Pro’s same luxe marketing, product fulfillment and brand storytelling both online and offline through top-tier education and small business-oriented goals.


A behind-the-scenes look into Sayn Beauty Pro:

Photo Courtesy of Sayn Beauty Pro


At Sayn Beauty Pro, high-touch, personalized e-commerce is the norm.

White glove service, FREE two-day shipping and best-in-class education? Say less! These are just a few of the qualities that Sayn Beauty Pro Founder and CEO Shmuly Ainsworth wants to bring to everyday stylists and salons with Sayn Beauty Pro distribution.


“It wasn’t until the pandemic that we really recognized how necessary something like white glove distribution truly was,” says Shmuly, a 10-year e-commerce leader. “Many other professional distributors just weren’t set up to operate digitally at that time, and it left salon and spa small business owners without anywhere to turn. Now, several years later, that digital-first but still high-touch approach has really changed the way salon professionals interact with distribution.”


Patrons who order their product through Sayn Beauty Pro enjoy perks like:


  • Same-day order processing
  • Cash back rewards
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Exceptional customer service
  • A user-friendly B2B ordering process (say goodbye to emailing and faxing spreadsheets!)
  • A feature that allows stylists/staff to create a cart of needed items that can be sent to a salon owner/manager for approval before checkout
  • Access to exclusively distributed international brands


Sayn Beauty Pro regularly hosts events and training seminars at their brand education center in Miami. (Brand training and in-salon technical usage sessions included!)

Photo Courtesy of Sayn Beauty Pro


Sayn Beauty Pro independently leads & educates with a stylist’s point of view.

The goal of Sayn Beauty Pro is to make independence mainstream for freelance contractors and small business owners. That means kicking major buyouts and multi-brand contracts (usually with high minimum order values) to the curb. So, what’s the game plan? 


Sayn Beauty Pro draws on knowledge and extensive field experience from a diverse team of licensed experts to deliver high-quality solutions for industry pros. For example, they will collaborate with a team of stylists and estheticians to truly come to know they products that they offer. Think of it as asking stylists for stylist-centric solutions, where neither brand nor stylist is ever lost in the B2B translation.


Ready to fill up your shopping cart? Browse these brands via Sayn Beauty Pro:


  • Wahl Professional®
  • Wet Brush-Pro
  • Bio Ionic®
  • Framar™
  • Previa
  • pH
  • Andis
  • ghd hair
  • Solano

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