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Last updated: November 08, 2017

From Long and Sleek to Short and Chic!

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The minute The Big Bang Theory wrapped for the summer, series star Kaley Cuoco sought out Christine Symonds of Bryan’s Beauty Room in Beverly Hills for a refresh. Over the course of two months, Christine gave Kaley not one, but two incredibly chic and versatile cuts.



Kaley’s Undercut Bob
In April, Kaley posted a selfie on Instagram that showed off a shorter ’do. It was a hoax, but soon she was ready for the chop. Christine obliged with an adorably sassy, undercut bob.


1. On wet hair, section the hair in front of the ears and clip away.


2. Create a vertical section down the center back. Then create a 45-degree section on either side of the center parting at the nape, forming a wide triangle.


3. Comb each section flat to the neck and cut a clean, blunt line. If the client has a cowlick or a tricky growth pattern, leave some length to maintain more weight.


4. Create two more subsections within the same 45-degree section, 1-inch above the first section. Comb the hair over the perimeter length and cut, leaving it ¼ -inch longer than the first section. Point-cut to soften the edge.



5. Continue creating 1-inch sections, working to the top of the head, mirroring the previous section. Leave each section ¼ -inch longer than the last, and point-cut into the ends. Work to the top of the ear—approximately 3 to 4 sections. All sections above the ear in the back of the head should meet the last, longest section.


6. Release the side sections, create horizontal subsections and connect each one to the longest layer in back, angling the line so that it becomes gradually longer in front.


7. Blow-dry and straighten the hair with an EcoTools Full Volume Styler Brush.


8. Create 1 x 1-inch sections on the top of the head. Twist each section away from the face. With thinning shears, gradually and diagonally snip the bottom two inches twice if the client has fine hair; four times if the hair is thick. The technique creates modern texture without over-layering. Continue the twisting and texturizing technique throughout the entire top and anywhere else texture is desired.



Kaley’s Peter Pan Pixie
Feeling empowered by all the positive feedback from her bob, Kaley next opted for a more severe chop. This time, Christine crafted a charming, texturized pixie.


1. On wet hair, create a horizontal section around the back of the head from eye to eye (just under the temporal bone) and clip away all hair above the section.


2. Starting in the back of the head, create vertical sections, lift each section and cut, creating a soft, diffused hairline.


3. Cut the entire back section in this manner.


4. Release the top section and blow-dry the hair with an EcoTools Smoothing Detangler Paddle Brush.



5. Cut the top section into an A-line bob shape that hits just above the jawline, point-cutting the ends to remove hard lines.


6. Create a circular section around the crown area, omitting the exterior length. Point-cut into this circular section with deep, long strokes to create lots of texture and movement. If the hair is thick, texturize the ends with thinning shears.


7. Wrap sections of hair around a 1½-inch curling iron for additional texture.


8. Separate and define strands with a wax or texture spray such as Bumble and bumble semisumo hi-shine, lo-hold pomade or Kenra Platinum Dry Texture Spray.

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