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Last updated: November 20, 2020

COVID-19 Waivers + Contact Tracing: What You Need To Know

Contact Tracing and COVID-19 Liability Waivers For Hair Salons
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Know Your Risks & Understand How To Protect Your Salon During COVID-19

Someone in your salon tests positive for COVID-19, now what? Before you run into a situation like this (deep breathes!) get prepared to protect your staff, clients and business. Here’s how: Waivers and contact tracing! 👏 These crucial steps will help you avoid bad reviews, legal action and uncertainty, while keeping everyone in your community as safe as possible! Keep reading to understand your risks and options. 


COVID-19 Waivers:

Having clients sign waivers not only helps you keep track of everyone who comes into the salon at a specific time and date but makes it easy to collect their contact info—aka what you’ll need to know if someone tests positive. By pairing a waiver with a health questionnaire as a screening tool, this will help you:


  • Determine if someone is a risk before they enter.
  • Protect your salon against potential lawsuits/legal action.
  • Keep your important records in a safe place.


Contact Tracing:

Many municipalities require contact tracing for your business to operate during the pandemic and to avoid any local fines. This is an easy way to help contain a public outbreak with fast communication to potentially exposed staff and clients, as well as local public health authorities.


So, all of this sounds great, but where do you start? Many salons are using The Safe Entry System—a digital business tool that screens clients, safely stores their information to support contact tracing and sends alerts if a case of COVID-19 is reported in the salon. Keep scrolling for all of the deets on this timesaving, stress-reducing (our two fave words!) system to help you through the pandemic.


Watch How The Safe Entry System Works!


Make It Easier To Access The Waiver

Here’s how it works: Your client walks into the salon, scans the QR code (with their phone camera) on a SmartSign and fills out a form in about 30 seconds. The contactless form includes a health questionnaire and a liability waiver. Then, they will hopefully get the “Clear To Enter” screen and they’re good to start their appointment! Easy, right?


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What If Someone Isn’t Clear To Enter?

The health questionnaire asks quick questions provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), so if a client is not cleared to enter, quickly and quietly let them know that they’ll have to leave the salon and can call to reschedule at a later date after following the CDC’s guidelines. Just reassure them that safety is your top priority—they will appreciate that you are taking extra steps to keep everyone safe!


Store Waivers Somewhere Safe

Here’s an easy way to prevent endless folders of waiver pdfs! When a client is cleared to enter through the Safe Entry System, their info is securely stored on servers and only used to alert them of a potential virus exposure. Because it’s already in one safe place, you don’t have to worry about losing track of info.


So Someone In Your Salon Is Exposed To COVID-19

If someone in your salon tests positive, visit and click on the tab on the top right corner of the homepage that says “Report a COVID case.” Fill out a quick form and the system will automatically alert anyone who may have been exposed, so you can focus on taking additional safety measures. Always remember to follow your public health authority’s guidelines—we will get through this together! 💪