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Last updated: August 04, 2017

4 Ways to Build Your Income by Specializing!

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“With new products and styles come new services and ways for you to make additional income,” notes Jeff Grissler, in his powerful book, How to Get a J.O.B. in a Salon. Whether you are looking for a new position in a different salon, a recent Cosmetology graduate, or wanting to step up your performance in your current salon, Jeff suggest career moves that allow you to specialize and increase your income. Below Jeff shares 4 areas of hairdressing where you can push your skills and offer unique services that are in high demand.


Master Colorist
You know hair color is a wildly lucrative area of salon revenue. If you’re passionate about hair color, by becoming a Master Colorist, you’ll become one of the most in-demand in a salon. The word among clients and potential clients spreads quickly that you can fix problems and provide creative, wearable looks. If your salon doesn’t offer departmentalization for color services, then either discuss moving your salon in that direction or look for a position in a salon that has a Color Service Department. Increase your skills by taking classes offered by manufacturers, distributors and BTC’s highly respected COLOR, Cut & Style Shows.


Wedding Stylist
If you’re in love with updo styling and formal hairdressing, then consider becoming a wedding hair specialist. Weddings take place year round, and as you build your clientele, it’s important to heavily promote your services. Partner with local wedding dress shops, florists, photographers and wedding planners to cross promote your services. Heavily promote yourself on social media and take educational classes to perfect and expand your styling services. For updo education, you can discover why 5 million Pinterest followers have made Stephanie Brinkerhoff the most famous upstyling & wedding specialist in the social media world. Stephanie’s styles are completely on-trend for today’s modern bride—she combines classic, vintage, braided and high-fashion elements to create the perfect look for every client and every type of wedding.



Cosmetology Instructor
Cosmetology instructors often work part time and some full time for vocational or private schools. If your love of cosmetology and the process of education is where your heart is, then this could be a great option for you. Due to the part-time, flexible schedules, many cosmetology instructors work as stylists or own their own salons. It’s a great way to add income and follow your desire to teach and inspire. Check with your local cosmetology schools on programs they recommend and respect to obtain teaching credentials.


Wig Master
There is plenty of opportunity to specialize in wig styling and care for clients of all ages. You can find extra work in the entertainment industry, theater arts, for models, for regular clients, in photography and for people who may be suffering from illnesses. The demand for these services will vary depending on where you live, so to get started, do your homework. Contact local theaters, modeling agencies, photographers and cancer treatment centers to learn about where and who they recommend for wigs and wig styling. Continue your research by finding out what services they offer and how they became specialized in this service.


The best part about specialization – beyond the extra income you’ll earn – is once you’ve developed your special niche, you not only develop a strong flair for business, but you continue to grow by putting your personal spin on your work. This makes you unique in what you offer and confident in your ability to make clients happy.


For more tips on preparing for interviews, dressing appropriately, language to use, creating an effective resume and understanding what salon owners are looking for in stylists, Jeff’s book, How to Get a J.O.B. in a Salon, is a must-read! Available now in the BTC Bookstore.


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