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Last updated: August 08, 2017

3 Tips for Bob Perfection

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By Jackie Summers


Anyone who is familiar with the Bumble and bumble heritage knows how passionate the brand is about a well-crafted graduated bob. It’s one of the first things the stylists at Bumble and bumble are taught, and they practice the classic style until they become masters. One of these masters is Sabrina Michals, a Bb. Stylist and Director of Styling Education for the brand. We asked Sabrina to share her top insights into creating the quintessential Bumble cut. Here are her picks. 


1. Keep it Square
When cutting one-length bobs, lots of stylists follow the shape of the head instead of keeping the sections square. Hold your fingers straight, and each time you drop a section, drop it slightly longer to avoid creating graduation. If you cut to the perimeter, you’ll see a little bit of graduation. Or you may cut a little too much or not enough when you come around the shoulders, because if you don’t keep your fingers square you have to pull the hair directly in front of you, rather than overdirecting it back or forward.



2. Layer Elevation
When adding layers to a bob, first establish the perimeter. Then lift each section straight up and direct all of the hair toward the center on both sides until you run out of hair. This method creates soft, subtle layers that work beautifully on a bob.


3. Surfer Girls
The signature Bumble and bumble finish features lots of movement and texture, and our Surf family is ideal, especially for clients with straight-to-wavy hair. I instruct my clients to put a little Surf Spray into the hair when they step out of the shower and towel-dry. Then air dry or diffuse, and re-spray. If they need more bend, they can mist with Surf Spray, Surf Infusion, City Swept Finishing Spray or Dry Spun and create non-uniform curls with a large iron, by alternating the direction of each curl. Inconsistent curl patterns produce a modern, natural, fluid look.


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