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Last updated: June 19, 2018

3 Platinum Products To Keep Blondes Cool For The Summer

John Paul Mitchell Systems Blue Lightening Blue Oil Lightener
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All-New Blue Oil Lightening System via @paulmitchellus

Blonde clients want to keep cool and fight warmth during the summer months (actually, all the months!), so help them ditch unwanted brassy tones by choosing the right tools to lighten, tone and maintain brightness! Start using your annual summertime haircare convo as an opportunity to communicate why blondes should always take maintenance seriously. Click through for three new products that maintain and enhance cool blondes, and snag a consultation tip below!


Talk To Blondes About A Color Maintenance Plan

We spoke with JPMS Regional Color Coordinator Jill Parise-Rudzik (@jillrudzik) about her must-have summer blonding services to maintain brightness, and keep clients coming into the salon regularly. “At the end of every color appointment, I recommend that my clients come back to the salon for a refresher around four to six weeks later,” shares Jill. “This allows me to maintain their color with a demi for shine, treatment or Color Craft™ in between appointments.” This will improve client retention with high-maintenance color clients like blondes.