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Last updated: December 01, 2017


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Looking to cut down the time it takes to create perfectly blended highlights? The Weaveze™ from Denman is a simple, professional coloring tool designed to increase the speed and efficiency it takes to weave highlights. Created by Holly Dedman, this innovative tool features unique weaving “teeth” for fast and precise coloring.


Here’s how it works:
Using the teeth, Weaveze™ creates consistently even weaves for initial or continuous highlights in a fraction of the time. Sections can be almost translucent depending on the haircolor and light conditions, so weaving out strands of similar tones can be difficult. However, the Weaveze™ forms a backdrop in the hair section, increasing your visibility for weaving previously-done highlights and making the entire application process much easier.


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Manufacturer: Denman, @denmanbrush