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Last updated: June 11, 2013

Mirabella Bridal Makeup Kit

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Does your client have a shiny new ring they’ve been showing off to friends and family all year long? If so, you know they’re crazy stressed about picking out those mason jar center pieces and making sure their seating chart is drama-free! Thankfully, Mirabella has made it even easier to smile instead of stress on their big day! Mirabella has created a kit made especially to bring out your clients inner bohemian bridal goddess! This Bohemian Bridal Makeup Kit has everything you need from eyes to lips to cheeks to have your bride looking absolutely flawless. Not only does this kit include shades of warm pink, peach, and brown hues suited for anyone, but it also has step-by-step application tips and QR codes linking to artistry videos. Don’t you dare let your client stress on their big day about makeup! Mirabella has the perfect kit to bring out your clients inner bohemian bridal beauty.

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