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August 12, 2014

Limited Edition Eye Do Eyeliner and Mascara Set from Eyeko

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Do you love the sixties doe-eyed look? What about full brows and long, thick, black lashes? What about Alexa Chung? Well the model, presenter and writer has recently partnered with award-winning eye makeup brand Eyeko on her first in a line of limited edition sets that will help you achieve these looks in just a few simple steps. Included in this exclusive set is Eyeko’s Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner and Mascara:

Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner

• Waterproof – single stroke color glides on even over eye shadow and stays put, even on the waterline
• Carbon Black – blackest black eyeliner for an intense, graphic line
• Lash Enhancing – with WIDELASH for visibly thicker, longer-looking lashes with regular use. Expect up to three times more volume!

Eye Do Mascara

• Multiple Benefits – to condition and promote lash growth with Vitamins A & E, Keratin, Ginkgo Biloba and botanical proteins
• Unique Brush – for perfectly fanned out, lush lashes with carbon black finish
• Water Resistant – long-wear formula stays on, but is easy to remove with warm water
• Paraben Free

For Alexa’s signature cat eye style:

1. Apply Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner in flicking motion. Clean up smudging with a Q-tip.

2. Amplify lashes using Eye Do Mascara in Black.

3. Add depth to brows using Eyeko Brow Liner.

Watch Alexa create the look!

For more information, visit Eyeko.com.