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Last updated: October 26, 2017

Jack Dean Brushes and Pomade

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Those classically tailored men’s looks of yesteryear are back in hot demand! In order to achieve those perfectly coifed quiffs or smart casual styles, you need the proper tools to create volume in the front, flatten those sides and create those signature flips. Turn to Denman’s Jack Dean Club and Military Brushes and Jack Dean Pomade.


The Military Brush is backed up with Nylon to make those bristles extra strong when taming coarse hair, and the Club Brush has extra-soft natural bristles, ideal for thinning hair. The pomade is light but sturdy. When worked in your palms, the fibers open up, allowing for smooth application and better all-around coverage. Infused with Camelia and coconut oils, these pomade leaves your hair with a subtle shine and moisturized feel, while guaranteeing your hair will remain lifted all day long!

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