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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Freeshape Line from KMS California

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The full line of heat-activated FREESHAPE products from from KMS California work to maintain yesterday’s style or give you unlimited second day style possibilities, without a wash—all while protecting your hair from heat damage.

FREESHAPE 2-in-1 styling + finishing spray: This brand new heat-activated spray preps your dry hair for heat styling. It defines and bundles curls when used with a curling iron, and adds extra hold and shine as a finishing spray, so your styles last until the next wash. The anti-breakage formula protects from damage and is humidity-resistant.

• FREESHAPE quick blow dry spray: This ultra-quick fix speeds drying time by up to 50%.  Essential for a faster and easier blow dry, the spray reduces friction, protects hair from heat, and conditions. 

• FREESHAPE hot flex spray: A heat-activated spray for flexible shaping and definition, the hot flex spray is for towel-dried hair. It smooths and softens to hair to prevent tangling, and after hair is dried, creates defined curls when used with a curling iron. The anti-breakage, humidity-resistant formula preserves styles until the next wash.

• FREESHAPE hot flex creme: This heat-activated smoothing and shaping creme for use in towel-dried hair, helps to straighten and shape when used with hot tools. The anti-breakage, humidity-resistant formula provides heat protection and transforms even the most style-resistant hair.

• FREESHAPE shampoo: Prep your hair for heat styling early on with the FREESHAPE shampoo which increases manageability and pliability.

• FREESHAPE conditioner: This hydrating conditioner smoothes and increases pliability while peparing hair for heat styling.

• FREESHAPE deep conditioner: This deep conditioner tames and smoothes the cuticle while increasing the pliability of coarse or unruly hair. It also makes hair more responsive to heat styling while deep conditioning. 

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