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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Biolage Advanced from Matrix

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Diagnosis and treatment of damaged hair has reached a new advanced level, thanks to the new Biolage Advanced from Matrix. Two groundbreaking regimens combine the power of nature with breakthrough molecular science that addresses hair’s most distinct needs.

Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong—Strengthen Weak, Fragile Hair
Fiberstrong reinforces fragile hair with a system designed to actually strengthen the hair strand. Thanks to unique formulas containing Intra-Cylane™ and Bamboo, Fiberstrong adds resiliency and conditions the cuticle—leaving hair 12 times stronger after just one use of the full system.
The Botanical: Bamboo— One of the most resilient natural fibers, bamboo also offers more tensile strength than iron. Provides fragile hair strength and flexibility.
The Science: Intra-Cylane™–This exclusive, patented molecule reinforces the hair strand externally by filling in gaps in the outer cuticle caused by mechanical stress such as combing, brushing, impact from thermal styling tools, UV damage and daily wear and tear.

The Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong collection features three daily use formulas and one potent professional treatment:
Fiberstrong Shampoo:
– Formulated with the power of Intra-Cylane™ plus Bamboo and Ceramide to fill in the hair structure
– Rich-lathering, paraben-free formula
– Reinforces strength and elasticity for shiny, resilient, healthy-looking hair

• Fiberstrong Conditioner:
– Gently detangles as it helps reinforce strength, moisture and elasticity
– Intra-Cylane™ plus Bamboo leave hair resistant to damage and touchably soft.
• Fiberstrong Intra-Cylane™ Fortifying Cream:
– Lightweight, creamy daily treatment wraps hair in an anti-breakage “shield” as it conditions the cuticle.

• For Pros Only– Intra-Cylane™ Concentrate:
– Powerful professional treatment contains the highest concentration of Intra-Cylane™ in the Fiberstrong range.
– Transformational Fiberstrong service (featuring Intra-Cylane™ Concentrate) helps repair and reinforce hair to keep it fortified and protected.

Biolage Advanced Keratindose—Restore Overprocessed Hair
Advanced Keratindose replenishes essential moisture and protein balance to hair that has been depleted by chemical services. The sulfate-free, paraben-free formula ( also free of harsh salts) contains Pro-Keratin and Silk to restore and lock in hair’s optimal protein and moisture balance. With the Keratindose daily regimen, hair is 90% more conditioned after one use; a single professional Advanced Keratindose treatment reverses a full year of damage.
The Botanical: Silk— Silk amino acids prevent dehydration, helping hair to remain soft, supple and silky.
The Science: Pro-Keratin— Keratin repairs overprocessed hair by repairing degraded areas on the hair strand and shields against further damage.

The Biolage Advanced Keratindose collection features three daily use formulas and one potent professional treatment:
Keratindose Shampoo:
– Gentle sulfate-, paraben- and harsh salt free formula
– Conditioning formulas target reinforcement to depleted areas while locking moisture in to help fight frizz.
Keratindose Conditioner:
– Rich formula packed with silk and pro-keratin speeds vital moisture and protein to compromised strands and prevents further dehydration and protein depletion.

Keratindose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray:
– Lightweight, sprayable lotion amplifies silkiness, shine and manageability. Tames frizz and flyaways as it protects hair from protein and moisture loss.

For Pros Only—Pro-Keratin Concentrate:
– Powerful professional formula contains the highest concentrations of silk and pro-keratin in the Keratindose range.
– Restorative Keratindose service, featuring Pro-Keratin Concentrate, resurrects dry, damaged, depleted hair, leaving it soft and supple with abundant movement.

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