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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Aveda Beautifying Composition™


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Whether it is ending a long day or prepping to have a perfect day, your body deserves
 an uplifting and nourishing experience. Pamper your clients with an intoxicating, moisturizing beauty treatment to relax, de-stress and calm the mind! Envelope your guests in the beloved aroma of the iconic Beautifying Composition™ and indulge in an uplifting experience with  Aveda™. The newly expanded Beautifying collection welcomes Beautifying Creme Cleansing Oil and Beautifying Body Moisturizer to the family. Both creams have an uplifting aroma of certified organic rosemary, lavender and bergamot.

The Beautifying Ritual
Experience the uplifting aromatic experience of the Beautifying body care system with a daily routine that incorporates deep diaphragmatic breathing and gentle massage to uplift your spirit and beautify your body.

1. Apply Beautifying Creme Cleansing Oil to the palms of the hands and place cupped hand over nose. Take three deep diaphragmatic breaths.

2. Gently massage the product into a lather and place cupped hands to nose and inhale the aroma once more.

3. Cleanse the body using the Ayurveda technique of circular motions at the joins and long back-and-forth motions in-between joints, then rinse.

4. After a shower or bath, massage Beautifying Body Moisturizer into the body using the Ayurveda technique of circular motions at the joints and long back-and-forth motions in-between joints.

5. Apply Beautifying Composition to cuticles to help soften and condition.

* Available December 28, 2014!

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