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June 23, 2017

Thicker-Looking Locks For Him


Thicker-Looking Locks For Him

Thin hair doesn’t necessarily mean your male clients are balding, there are a lot of factors that can contribute to a client’s thinning strands. And whatever the reason may be, the right cut and the right PHYTO Paris products can give him thicker-looking hair as soon as he leaves the salon. Find out how PHYTO Paris Global Artistic Director Anthony Cristiano helps his male clients’ thin hair look and feel denser.


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    Shampoo the hair twice using PHYTOLOGIST Energizing Shampoo. The first round of shampooing will cleanse the hair while the second round will prepare the scalp for the treatment.

    Note: On the second round, leave the shampoo in the hair for about 2 minutes to allow the shampoo to oxygenate, then rinse.


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    Grab your clippers and using a 3 3/4 blade, remove weight starting in the back and then work your way through the sides. Then, go in with a 1-inch blade to tailor his sides and fade into the 3 3/4 clipper cut.

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    Next, move a little higher on the head and use a scissor-over-comb technique to continue blending the sides and the back.

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    Then, working off your graduation, remove the corner weight by holding the hair at 90 degrees and trim the top section of the hair.

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    Next, find the highest point of the hair and trim that balance to make the center point the shortest point in the shape. Use that as your guideline and as you cut the rest of the top section.


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    Blow-dry the hair so you can see the shape and any imperfections. Continue working scissor-over-comb to remove any imperfecitons or weight that you see.

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    At the top, take random pieces of hair, twist and point-cut to create ultimate texture.

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    Rinse the hair before applying any treatment. Then, section by section, apply one ampule of PHYTOLOGIST directly to the scalp systematically by dotting it on. Then, massage the product into the hair to ensure the scalp is completely covered.


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    Blow-dry the hair, and then use a small amount of PHYTO Shine Defining Wax to style.


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    The finished look

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    The finished look—side

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