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Last updated: September 22, 2009

Stress-Free Profit Boosters from Rusk Sensories Wellness

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Stress-Free Profit Boosters from Rusk Sensories Wellness

Creating a stress-free, relaxing environment in your salon is one way to build client loyalty. Another way is to provide luxurious products and services at a value. Pampering makes the whole salon experience more relaxing and special. Give your clients a way to escape from reality – even if just for an hour or two – with Sensories™ Wellness Services. Click to Receive a FREE Sample of Rusk Sensories Wellness Bedew Shampoo & Conditioner [Quantities Limited. While Supplies Last]


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    At the backbar a pre-shampoo de-stress massage for 10 minutes makes all the difference.

    For every client who comes into the salon, this 10-minute de-stress massage provides the ultimate in relaxation, allowing them to leave behind what happens outside your door and simply enjoy being in your chair.

    Choose either Heal Repair Drops (rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids) for restorative benefits or Bedew Repair Drops (with exotic Tahitian tiare oil) for soothing hydration and protection.

    You will need the appropriate repair drops and hot towels.
    • Place your client’s chair in a reclining position.
    • Put your preferred repair drops into your hands and on fingertips. Starting on dry hair at the temples, lightly massage in a circular motion, move back over the ears to the back of the nape, then continue up to the hairline.
    • Continue the massage across the back of the head and crown and to the top of the head until you have lightly massaged and distributed the repair drops thoroughly.
    • Once finished with the massage, cover your client’s hair with a plastic bag and then wrap a medium-to-hot towel around your client’s head and let her or him recline in the shampoo chair for 5 full relaxing minutes.
    • Finish the service with the appropriate Wellness shampoo and follow with a Wellness treatment mask or conditioner.

    Your client will feel de-stressed and ready for you to work your magic!

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    At the backbar, a treatment hair mask takes the service one step further!

    Determine which of the Sensories™ Wellness regimens is appropriate for your client’s hair: Bedew, Reflect or Heal.

    You will need the appropriate Wellness treatment, repair drops, a bowl, tint brush, wide-tooth comb, plastic wrap or a plastic processing cap, hot towels or hooded dryer to perform this service.
    • Shampoo and towel-dry hair.
    • Using a wide-tooth comb, part the hair into 4 quarters.
    • In a bowl, mix a heaping spoonful of the treatment mask with several
    drops of repair drops (the amount needed will depend on the length
    and thickness of your client’s hair).
    • Starting at the nape, take ½ to 1-inch sections of hair, using a tint
    brush to apply the mixture. Comb through each quarter section before
    moving on to the next.
    • Once the entire head is treated, cover with plastic wrap or a plastic
    processing cap, wrap the head in a hot towel or place your client
    under a pre-heated dryer for 10–20 minutes.
    • Rinse and condition lightly.

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    At the station, Sensories™ Wellness Repair Drops are perfect as a leave-in all-day treatment.

    • Before drying the hair, take a few drops of either Heal or Bedew Repair Drops and mix with Reflect Repair Drops, distribute through the hair, then cocktail your favorite styling products from the Rusk® Designer Collection™ and blow dry.
    • A few drops of Reflect Repair Drops can be your finish before a spritz of W8less™ Strong Shaping and Control Hairspray.
    • Lastly, retail the Sensories™ Wellness regimen that best suits your client’s hair needs to ensure that her or his hair will stay in optimum condition. Sensories™ Wellness products are infused with exotic oils and globally sourced organic ingredients. Combine them with pampering services to provide your clients with the perfect in-salon experience.