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Last updated: March 17, 2017

HAIelite Curls with a 50’s Flair

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HAIelite Curls with a 50’s Flair

Sweeping and dramatic, this 50’s inspired style is easy to create and striking to wear! 

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    Created with the innovative HAIelite ROD for large curls all over the head, then swept up in large roll curls, one on each side in the front,  and sweeping sections with matching rolls in the back. 

    Create soft curls all over the head.

    Start at the front hairline and work your way up to the top on both sides. Start close to the scalp with the larger end of the ROD and wrap the hair around the rod till you reach the ends, lay ends over the top of the hair to avoid burning fingertips.

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    Secure curls in place with a bobby pin.

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    Starting in the front take a section from the fringe area to the top of the ear, smooth by brushing up into desired placement.

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    Once desired position is determined roll a large open curl into place using your hands. 

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    Secure the curl by placing bobby pins in the center from each direction crossing them inside the curl.

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    Move to the back of the head, and take a pie shaped section from the crown to the top of the ear, smooth thru curls. Next sweep hair over to the right side of the head and create open curl and secure.

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    Sweep left back section over to the other side, and secure with pins, while keeping the nape area in loose curls.

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    Secure remaining front section.

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    The finished look from the front is simple elegant and offers up a 50’s flair.

    She could be wearing a poodle skirt and chewing gum and she would fit right in with the Happy Days gang, or she could put on an elegant gown and strut her stuff at the opera, you choose. 


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    The finished look from the back.