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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Bombshell Brunette from Pravana

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Bombshell Brunette from Pravana

Their allure universal. Their charm, second nature. Intoxicating and seductive- a bombshell can’t be replicated or created, a bombshell is born. Until NOW with PRAVANA Bombshell Brunette.

Caution: May feel an overwhelming urge to strut once hair is colored.

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    Determine where the client parts their hair. The parting will determine the width of the top section. Next, Section the sides out from just behind the ear, leaving the back as the 4th section.

    Mix Pure Light Power Lightener with a lower volume developer, as you will be coloring between the foils and this can take some time. In this case, Pravana chose 20 volume developer.

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    Begin foiling in the side section using a diagonal back parting that is a quarter inch wide. For natural looking highlights, use a medium stich.

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    Repeat the foil application through the other side, remembering to remain consistent in application.

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    Next, move to the top section and begin at the crown using the same medium stitch weave as was used through the side sections.

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    Now that the foil application is completed, begin the application of color between the foils.

    Begin on the top section by thoroughly painting the color from the scalp through to the edge of the foil. Leave the ends out for now in order to keep color from dripping onto the client’s skin. Repeat this same application through the sides.

    Apply the same formula to the crown and back, stopping just above the occipital bone.

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    For the section below the occipital bone and into the nape, mix and apply a color that is one level darker than the all-over color to provide greater dimension and depth to the overall look.

    Once the darker shade is applied from the midshaft to the ends in the nape area, place a foil over this section to maintain neatness and precision.

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    Choose a Bombshell Brunette color that is lighter to apply to the porous ends of the hair. In the nape Pravana chose 5.37, and throughout the rest of the hair Pravana chose 6.37. The application of a lighter color through the ends will percent the ends from grabbing too dark.

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    Once the application is complete, process for 15 minutes.

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    Now that the color has processed, remove the foils and rinse carefully to avoid the color from bleeding onto the lightened pieces. Apply a PRAVANA Sulfate-Free shampoo following with a rinse. Thoroughly towel dry the hair. Using the desired shade of Bombshell Brunettes, apply the toner from scalp to ends, being sure to fully saturate the lightened strands and process for 15 minutes. Pravana chose 8.37 with Zero Life Developer.

    Once the toner is processed, rinse and shampoo. Follow with a conditioning rinse and finish by drying and styling the hair.


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