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Last updated: June 13, 2018

Your Client Wants This Wrapped, Low Ponytail By @hairbyadir

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Instagram can’t get enough of ponytails—literally everything from dramatic and voluminous to subtle and sleek—so there’s no better time to start mastering every pony styling technique. That’s why celeb stylist, red carpet icon AND Virtue®️ Creative Director Adir Abergel (@hairbyadir) is breaking down how to recreate the low, wrapped ponytail he styled for actress Jessica Biel on the red carpet. Get the steps below and watch Adir in action, then try this look behind the chair!


Inspiration – Jessica Biel’s Golden Globes 2018 Pony

Instagram via @hairbyadir


Manufacturer: Virtue, @virtuelabs

Products Used



Prep by washing with Virtue®️ Full Shampoo & Conditioner and creating a full-bodied, bouncy blowout. Click HERE to watch Adir’s go-to blow-dry technique for building volume and style-ready texture!


Create a clean, middle part and tuck both sides of hair behind the ear. Then, use a flat iron to smooth out strands for a sleek vibe. 

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Apply Virtue®️ Uplifted Volumizing Whip to a sponge (yes, a kitchen sponge!) and saturate. Using the sponge, apply the product directly to the hair—this will smooth any flyaways and direct hair away from the face. Then, comb through. 


Apply Virtue®️ Finale Shaping Spray from roots to mids, and use a diffuser around the face frame to secure the style.


Gather the hair at the nape. Then, use a cord to secure into a low ponytail right below the shoulders—this is where the wrap will start.

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Take another long piece of cord and leaving one end out, begin wrapping it tightly around and working down the ponytail.

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Continue this wrapping pattern for 2 to 3 inches, then flip the ponytail up and triple-knot the cord before securing and cutting any excess length.


Then, finish with Virtue®️ Finale Shaping Spray.

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Finished Look

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