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Last updated: January 30, 2018

Rihanna’s Disco Diva Curls

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When Rihanna shows up to an awards show, you can almost guarantee she’s going to be serving a look. And this year was no different. Her longtime stylist Yusef Williams (@yusefhairnyc) opted for super big, dreamy disco diva hair to match the vibe of her 2018 Grammy Awards performance. Here’s how he did it.



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Artist: Yusef Williams
Manufacturer: ghd, @ghd_northamerica

Products Used



To start, prep the hair with mousse. Then, blow-dry using the ghd air™ hairdryer to create extra volume at the root.


Once the hair is dried, use the ghd gold professional styler to smooth out the roots and tame flyaways.


Then, curl sections of the hair with the ghd CURVE® classic wave wand to create fluffy, gorgeous curls.


Once all the hair is curled, use the ghd gold professional styler to soften any tight curls and create bouncy waves. Then, softly brush out the curls for added volume using the ghd oval dressing brush.


Finish the style by spritzing a finishing spray to hold the curls. If desired, add an accessory, like an orchid, to complete the look.

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Finished look

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