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Last updated: February 16, 2018

MTV Movie Awards How-To: Charlize Theron

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The MTV Movie Awards are where stars can let down their hair a little—or in Charlize Theron’s case, tie it up tight! The stunning beauty needed something to complement her Alexander McQueen dress, so celebrity hairstylist Enzo Agileri gave her a very modern, minimalistic look. Here’s the how-to straight from Enzo!


Artist: Enzo Agileri 
Manufacturer: ghd, @ghd_northamerica

Products Used



Enzo blow-dried the hair using the ghd air hair dryer with a round brush.


Charlize’s hair is naturally wavy so once dry, Enzo used the ghd platinum styler to straighten the hair and achieve the sleek texture needed.


Once the hair was sleek and straight, Enzo started at the hairline and pulled the hair back tightly, leaving no part in the hair.


After pulling the hair back, Enzo divided it into three sections, and put each section into a ponytail. He created three buns with each of the sections, the first one at the crown of her head, the second in the middle and the third at the nape of the neck. “The buns were formed by wrapping the ponytail in a counter-clockwise rotation and fastening each bun with a bobby pin,” he said. “The objective was to create a clean, geometric style.”


Enzo finished the look with a shine spray.