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Last updated: January 20, 2020

Jennifer Garner’s Effortless Waves

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Photo courtesy of Virtue®

It’s been six years since actress Jennifer Garner has graced the SAG Awards red carpet but her return was well worth the wait because she looked absolutely stunning at the 2020 SAG Awards! Loving her glamorous yet soft beach waves courtesy of celeb stylist Kylee Heath (@kyleeheathhair)? Keep scrolling to get the how-to steps behind this effortless, ultra-wearable style!


Style Notes: “Jen has an effortlessness and ease in her nature that we wanted to capture,” says Kylee. “Like waves in a lake—silky and multi-dimensional—we wanted her hair to capture movement and grace to pair with her vibrant red dress.”


Artist: Kylee Heath
Manufacturer: Virtue, @virtuelabs

Products Used



On damp hair, apply Virtue® Volumizing Mousse at the roots in the crown area.


Next, apply Virtue® Volumizing Primer from the roots to the ends and rough dry the hair.


Once the hair is 70 percent dry, use a round brush to add volume and shine. Then, apply Virtue® Lifting Powder at the crown and lightly tease.


Lightly curl the hair alternating between a 1-inch and a 1¼-inch curling iron. Make sure to rock the iron back and forth to create a loose wave, working in larger sections in the front and smaller sections in the back for added texture.


Once the hair is cool, lightly brush through and set with Virtue® Texturizing Spray.


Apply a small amount of Virtue® Healing Oil to the ends first, then apply some throughout the rest of the head.

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Finished Look // Instagram via @celebridadefanpagehki

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