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Last updated: June 14, 2022

You Know You’re A Hairstylist When…

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10 Things EVERY Stylist Can Relate To

Long hours on your feet, cold coffee, friends who ALWAYS want you to do their hair at the worst moments? These are just some of the things that come with the territory of being a hairstylist. So we’ve compiled of list of 10 things EVERY stylist can relate to, whether you work in a salon, suite or on the go.


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10. A weekend off means Sunday and Monday. 


9. You can’t visit friends and family without touching up someone’s hair.


8. Clients are remembered by their formulas, not their names. 


7. You’re invited to weddings as a guest, and still end up working.

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6. You only drink iced coffee, because regular coffee never stays hot for long.



5. Going to the bathroom counts as taking a break.


4. Haircare brands can be identified by smell alone.


3. A little hair in your food at a restaurant is not an issue.


2. You can’t go out in public without doing a stranger’s hair in your head.


1. Laundry day means separating light black from dark black.

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