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October 29, 2019

What Would You Do: Can I Tell My Friend Her Extensions Are A Mess?

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What Would You Do: Can I Tell My Friend Her Extensions Are A Mess? 

Being a good friend is tough, especially when it comes to letting your bestie know that their new look isn’t so hot. One of our followers on social media is having a friend or foe situation, so we posted this #btcWhatWouldYouDo on our Instagram and Facebook to get some helpful advice from the BTC community, and they didn’t hold back. Scroll down see what they had to say about telling your friend like it is! 


Here is our anonymous friendly dilemma: 

I went to beauty school for a while but never finished (long story). So, I’m not a stylist but I’ve been following you guys since forever, PLEASE keep this anonymous. I love my friend dearly but her extensions have got to go! And let me tell you they look like they are already trying to ‘leave’—half are there and the other half are on layaway or something. It’s so obvious to me, can I say something and how should I say it??? Would it be better coming from a pro? I thought about getting her a gift certificate to a good extension stylist, but that might be too obvious. Would it be rude to ask my stylist to say something, like if I bring her along to my appointment? Please help!!! They look bad!


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The First Thing That Comes to Mind is YES!



“Friends don’t let friends have bad hair. The end.” – @xxterinxx


“For the love of hair—YES” – @6ixjada


“Not telling her would be even more rachet.” – @lovelylindielou


“You shouldn’t be able to tell they’re extensions. Tell her!!” – @crystalskfl


“Friends don’t let friends walk around with clockable extensions.” – @bridgibb


“Just tell her friend to friend—be like ‘Girl, I know someone who could take your extensions to the next level and make them look way more natural.’ I tell my girlfriends that they better let me know if something is off (there is a special place in hell for girls who don’t tell other girls that they have 💄 on their teeth).” – @borntobalayage


“If you don’t and I see her, I will. 🤷🏼‍♀️ So yes.” – Johanna Filpo


But Keep in Mind That People Can Be Sensitive About Their Appearance, Friend Or Not, So Your Delivery is EVERYTHING



“There’s being honest and there’s being mean. As long as you are kind in your delivery, honesty is the best policy.” – @tdishart_hairwizard


“I once told a friend that she didn’t put her strip lashes on evenly (one was sticking straight out the other was lifted up) and she didn’t talk to me for a week after that. Some people are VERY sensitive about their appearance, so you must tread lightly.” – @bakerygirl63


“What kind of friend are you if you don’t? It’s all on the delivery.” – @javd_c


“I like to start by asking people how they like them. I have a male client with a terrible comb-over and when he first started coming to me, I asked him: ‘so tell me about your hair, do you like how its working for you?’ He said yes! I figured maybe after we build a relationship, he’ll feel more comfortable and we can have another conversation about a more flattering look. People can be sensitive and insecure, so you have to be delicate about it.” – @kgersztyn


“I think coming from a friend should be just fine! Commenting on it while tossing in some compliments could help to ease the blow! Frame it in a way similar to ‘You have such great style, but your hair isn’t at the same level. Your extensions should improve that, not take away from it’.” – @faceyourshears



Some Recommended Minding Your Own Business



“Or you could mind your business. Does SHE like them? I find we give our opinions about things because of how WE feel about them. Are you prepared to finance your friend’s extensions? No? Then, hush.” –  @hairbyjenniferrosenyc


“If she likes them, keep your opinion to yourself. If she DIRECTLY asks you what YOU think then lay it on her otherwise, zip it.” – @kristinwaid


“Does she have eyeballs? If she does, then she sees what they look like. It must not bother her or she would fix them. 🤐 Be a friend and zip it. It will just hurt her feelings 😬. Although, buying her the gift card for Christmas or her birthday would be all the way fine!! And then you’ll look like the greatest friend ever 💖.” @a.d.h.crum


But Just Remember, We’ve All Been There…



“When I was in high school, I wore my extensions until they were DEAD 😂.” @Bnannabread


“Can we tag old us??” – @__torylynn


“We should all tell Britney Spears that hers are!” – Sarah McDonough


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