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Last updated: September 30, 2022

Well, This Looks Interesting: Curved Cutting Technique

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Everything You Need To Know About The Curved Cutting Technique

Every once in awhile we come across a video that makes us hit pause on one of our daily Instagram strolls to do a little investigating, and this curved cutting quickie from Italy-based stylist Genny D’Auria (@gennydauria) is a prime example. Dying to know more about this unconventional cutting technique, we reached out to Genny to get all the deets. So keep scrolling to see how it’s done, to learn how it works (Note: This is not for clients who want a blunt bob!) AND for three key tips to know!



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Watch The Video How-To Below

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How It Works

Using curved scissors and a curved comb (which Genny says was made by a craft company that operates in Valtellina, Italy), Genny cuts either a concave or convex rounded bob in order to give a more balanced harmony to the overall form of the head. 


While it’s an ideal technique to use when the shape of the skull presents imperfections, Genny says this curved bob works best for those with almost perfect facial features but he also recommends it to very young clients as well as older women who are looking for something with more style.


Here’s what else Genny said about the technique (translated from Italian):

I have not learned this technique, but I have only exploited the principle knowledge of geometry, thinking about ‘solid’ geometry…Some forms of cutting require movements that often become complicated to realize, but with the reasoning of the usual geometry applied with trigonometry, it is possible to obtain surprising results. It is very cool.”



3 Tips For Curved Cutting

1. Ask the right questions during the consultation. The consultation helps determine if a client is right for this cut, which is why Genny says he talks about things like his client’s commitment to her hair, how she styles her hair at home, what she expects from this cut and the right approach to bridge what is desired and the actual finished result.


2. Create a balance between the occipital and frontal areas. Genny says to evaluate the exposure of the occipital with respect to the front to achieve a balance between the two. “This is a cut that is part of the bob hairstyle, which must always have a harmonious perspective from any point of view,” he shares. “If the profile is not well-balanced and well-rounded, and therefore pleasant, the cut is not recognized as excellent.”


3. Properly evaluate the front section. The secret to making this cut elegant and stylish lies in what you do with the fringe. So whether she wants blunt bangs or something more side-swept, Genny says to properly evaluate the fringe area in order to make the overall cut versatile.


Click Through The Slideshow To See Some Of The Looks Genny Created With This Cutting Technique


Watch The Video Below To See This Technique Done On A Longer Length!

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