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Last updated: May 16, 2018

WATCH: Lived-In Waves With A Flat Iron

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How To Create Lived-In Waves With A Flat Iron

It seems like everyone can create perfect lived-in waves with a flat iron but no matter how many times you practice, you just can’t get the hang of it. It’s time to let that frustration go because BTC Team Member Sara Hinckley (@saripaints) is breaking it down in a quickie styling video she shared on her Instagram. Watch her technique below, then check out some of her top tips for curling with a flat iron!


Watch The Video How-To Below

Sara’s Tips:

  • Hold the flat iron in a downward motion—holding the tool properly is key to the technique.
  • Start a few inches down and curl each section away from the face, twisting as you move the tool.
  • Straighten about an inch of the ends to create that lived-in feel.


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