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Last updated: October 11, 2019

Top Extension Tips From Kim Kardashian’s Hairdresser

Chris Appleton Spills The Tea

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Extension-Laying Tips From Hollywood’s Hottest Hairdresser
It’s no secret that A-list babes Kim Kardashian West, Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande have the fiercest hair in the game, and that’s because they all share the same hairdresser: Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1), Color Wow Global Artistic Director. It’s also no secret that the super-long locks these three ladies rock are made possible by hair extensions! We had to ask Chris his top tips on using extensions to give these superstars the most snatched ponytails and the most gorgeous looks. Keep reading for his advice!



Products Used

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Top Tip: Train Your Eye

When you care for the hair of the world’s most photographed celebrities, it is crucial that NO ONE ever says, “her extensions look great!” Chris is a master at laying extensions so they are completely undetectable.


“Application to the eye is so important,” Chris told us. “Especially the application of extensions around the face. If you close someone’s face off with hair, you lose their whole face. So look at the application of where you put it. More than anything, you have to have a good eye for placement.”


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Top Tip: Lay Them Flat

“You can make someone’s head look really big with extensions,” Chris shared. He has perfected his extension installation technique and uses all types, from tape-ins to sew-ins, for getting the flattest lay. Practice makes perfect on this one!


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Top Tip: Recommend Appropriate Extension Care

Even the most high-quality hair can look bad if the client isn’t caring for it. Chris recommends a sulfate-free shampoo like Color Wow Color Security Shampoo because it doesn’t include conditioning agents and silicones that can loosen glue or tape. “It keeps the hair super fresh and light,” he said.


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Instagram via @chrisappleton1


Also crucial: the right brush. Chris tells his clients to use the Tangle Teezer gently on wet hair without exerting too much pressure. (Psst—get the Tangle Teezer now in the BTC Shop! Click here!)



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