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Last updated: October 09, 2017

Redheads Have More Fun!

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Fall is the perfect time to encourage your clients to go for an extreme change. That’s what Brittany Harder, a cosmetology student at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture in Rockford, IL, did for her friend (and fellow cosmetology student) Cara Ballard, taking her from a faded blonde to a vibrant, va-va-voom red. Inspired by Paul Mitchell’s Flame Red step-by-step, that was featured in On Paper, Brittany and Cara created their own version using Redken color. Together, they came up with a formula to take Cara from faded to ravishing with her multidimensional red hue!

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Color Formulas
Formula A: Redken Shades EQ Semi-Demi Permanent Hair Color in 7Cc
Formula B: Redken ColorFusions 7Cc + 10-volume developer
Formula C: equal parts Redken Color Fusion 7Cc + Redken Color Fusion 6r + 10-volume developer

1. Section out a “pinwheel” shape, and pin the hair up out of the way.

2. On the bottom half, (and a small bit of the front fringe) apply Formula A so that the color appears richer and lasts longer.

3. Shampoo and dry those sections of hair.

4. Then, in the top section, apply Formula B.

5. Take the smallest triangular slices form the pinwheel (unfilled blonde hair) and cover with Formula B, so that the unfilled hair appears highlighted and multidimensional.

6. In the very top pinwheel section, apply Formula C to deepen the color and complete the dimensional effect.


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