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Last updated: October 16, 2017

Match Your Bride’s ‘Do To Her Dress

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With bridal season in full swing, now is the time to give yourself an extra egde. Rather than just going through various updo or wavy styles, try matching her ‘do to the style of her gown! You may be wondering ‘What’s the dress got to do with anything’, but actually, the dress and veil are super important when creating bridal hair. “I always ask the bride about her dress and what type of hair accessory (if any) she’ll be wearing,” says Stephanie Brinkerhoff, BTC’s Resident Bridal Expert and author of Elegant Upstyles For Today’s Bride. The entire wedding look, from the jewelry, to the veil to the shoes and finally the actual hairstyle, depend solely on what type of dress the bride chooses.


According to Stephanie, it’s important to know what her dress is like for several reasons–it will give you a better idea of her personal style and the style of her wedding, which in turn helps you figure out what type of hairstyle she likes. It is also important to know what the neckline is like so you don’t do a hairstyle that clashes with the gown. “It’s also really important to know what type of hair accessory they have and where they plan to wear it so you can leave a spot for it in the hairstyle, if necessary, to keep everything looking balanced,” notes Stephanie. Wondering how you can match your brides’ hairstyle to her dress? Here are 4 great tips on coordinating your bridal masterpiece to her wedding dress with ease.


Backless Dress


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Backless wedding dresses are always on trend. And whether it’s completely open in the back, partially so or just the illusion of an open back with lace detailing, you’ll likely want to show off that sexy back! Therefore, consider creating an updo to give her back the spotlight. If the bride isn’t feeling an updo but still wants something that’s flattering, you can also try a longer hairstyle where her hair is pulled and styled to the front and side. Think: An ultra-glamorous, low side pony with curls. “You definitely want to showcase the back, whether it’s all up or pulled to the side,” says Stephanie.


One-Shoulder Gown


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A one-shoulder gown is great for showing off fabulous arms and a little skin, so don’t have her hair covering that up! A half-up half-down wedding hairstyle is a great way to balance off this asymmetrical look. If the wedding is a bit on the formal side, an updo works really well with this look, too. And since the focus on the gown is showing off the shoulder, you can also rest assured that just about any veil length will work. Stephanie also likes to do a side updo with these types of dresses as well. “I try to avoid side swept styles, so you don’t hide the open shoulder, but if the hair is all pulled to the side, it tends to add a nice balance without hiding anything,” notes Stephanie.


Strapless/Sweetheart Dress


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Strapless and sweetheart-neck dresses are still some of the most popular wedding dress styles. The good news is, they not only flatter just about every figure, they work with just about any hairstyle, too! If your bride is having a church ceremony or concerned about showing too much skin, consider a long hairstyle instead of a half-up or formal updo. “With a strapless dress, the hair possibilities are endless,” says Stephanie.


Casual/Beachy Dresses


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 If she is having a beach wedding or a more casual affair, embrace the afternoon vibe with a non-fussy look. Long hair styled in beachy waves or even loose braids and half-up half-down looks are perfect for beach weddings. This is one look where you’ll want to avoid the formal updo and have fun with your wedding day hairstyle. For this type of dress and setting, Stephanie prefers to create an updo that is soft and beachy. “Avoid anything too structured and don’t worry if it falls loose or some little hairs fall, as this will just add to the look,” says Stephanie.

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