Last updated: June 26, 2023


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Where & How To Recycle 95% Of Your Salon’s Waste: One Easy Solution

Salons across the US and Canada send 877 pounds. of waste to a landfill every minute. Read that again. We all want to do better for the planet, but figuring out another salon process is on few people’s to-do list. Green Circle Salons (GCS) recognizes this concern vs. commitment struggle and has created a simple, effective way to recycle 95 percent of ALL salon waste—even your client’s hair on the floor.


“People actually believing they can make a difference is what I think is the biggest deterrence about recycling,” says Green Circle Salons Founder and CEO Shane Price. The goal is zero impact, not perfection which lucky for our industry, is incredibly possible. 



95% Of ALL Salon Waste Is Recyclable—Even Hair Clippings

Without even realizing, one salon discards 50 to 60 pounds of waste each week. This includes foils, hair color, hair color tubes, hair clippings, aerosol cans, product packaging–the list goes on. Of that list, 95 percent is recyclable. 


The daily “garbage” thrown out by hairstylists is actually infinitely recyclable—something we are absolutely not talking about enough! One of Green Circle Salons’ missions is to open up this conversation and make stylists understand that one salon, one person, even just one chair can literally make an environmental difference. 



It’s Simple: Instead Of Taking Out The Trash, Ship Your Waste

Green Circle Salons’ programs are designed to be simple, not add chores to a stylist’s day. GCS provide organized solutions per your business’ needs as simple as specialty bins and labels to keep garbage separate after each service, to plumbing and water solutions that can save your salon money. 


Here’s A Rundown Of What Your Solution Could Look Like:

  • Once a member of Green Circle Salons, (hello, Waste Warrior!) you will be provided with the appropriate labels, bins and information to organize your salon’s space to start your zero impact journey.
  • After each service, head to the related bin instead of the trash can. Example: After a haircut, hair sweepings will go into the designated bin instead of an overall garbage. 
  • Once each bin is full, tie up the bag (you already have to do this, anyways!) and place it in a shipping box to send back to Green Circle Salons. 
  • THAT’S IT! No sorting, scheduling specialty trash pick-ups, product handling—nothing. Just send your box back instead of taking out the trash.


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Whether You’re 1 Person Or 1 Team, Build Your Personalized Program Here!


Never Pay For Your Membership—Here’s How To Eliminate Out Of Pocket Cost


Green Circle Salons is a big advocate that there is no environmental change without financial change. “The price of our program depends on the size of your business and which materials you send us,” explains Shane. “However, we don’t want stylists paying out of pocket! Adding a small Environmental Fee to every client’s bill will cover the entire cost of your membership.” 


Yes, Recycling Your ONE Color Tube Can Make A Difference

“We don’t need ‘everyone’ to be involved. We need people to focus on knowing every ONE salon can actually make a difference,” explains Shane. The majority of people who choose not to recycle statistically agree that recycling IS important, but don’t consider their single contribution to make a difference.


Shane explains that the reality is, it’s not about everyone it’s about every ONE. One bowl of lightener turns into two, two bottles of toner turn into a few day’s worth of bottles—95 percent of the moves you make as a stylist can make a positive environmental impact with just a little effort. 


See for yourself…Use Green Circle’s waste calculator to find out how many pounds of waste YOU could save from a landfill!


To join 16,000+ salons on a journey zero impact with Green Circle Salons, click here.