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Last updated: May 04, 2022

3 Realistic Swaps To Move Toward A Sustainable Salon

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Three Ways To Help Your Salon Be More Earth Conscious 

There’s a lot of pressure to flip the sustainability switch on these days, but what if it’s not as intimidating as we think? The truth is: Going green no longer means unplugging every tool in sight! Instead, focus on taking small steps toward a bigger goal—reducing your salon’s carbon footprint and becoming more sustainable. Start by reading through three eco-focused swaps you can make in your salon or suite.


What Do “Sustainable” Product Labels Mean?

Sustainable, eco-friendly, planet-safe—these buzzwords are everywhere! Does putting an eco-whatever label on a product really mean what’s inside is good for the planet? It’s hard to decipher! Here are a couple of things to watch out for when reading product labels for quality sustainable choices: 


  • Zero waste claims—every business creates waste, these labels are usually made to draw in consumers. 

  • “Clean beauty” labels or graphics—sleek packaging or images of greenery do not guarantee sustainability. 

  • Ingredients—detergents, parabens, phthalates, toxins, and fillers are all things you want to avoid in your products. 


“Clean beauty is a journey, not a destination”,  says Hairstory CEO and Chairman Eli Halliwell, the brand that’s changing the way people wash their hair, with a focus on sustainability. “Zero waste is a lie. The reality is that if you’re in business, you are creating waste. Try to minimize your overall footprint [with products that are non-toxic].”


1. Find Eco-Friendly Inventory Swaps

As a busy stylist, your top priority when it comes to inventory may not be recyclability. We hear you! Inventory is not only expensive but logistically requires proper storage and backstock. Luckily, there are some easy (and eco-friendly) swaps you can look into!


Refillable Product Packaging

Products with refill options have become super popular for stylists. Once you empty a bottle, instead of cracking open a new one, save the container and just refill the products. This seems like a small effort because it is! Keeping bottles to refill can lead to:


  • 83% less plastic (6.1 bottles can be made with the amount of plastic in just 1 Hairstory New Wash pouch)

  • 74% smaller carbon footprint

  • 91% less landfill impact


That’s why New Wash is only packaged in pouches. “Because the pouches have much less plastic in them [than bottles], you’re cutting the plastic consumption almost by 90 percent,” says Eli. “You can use 10x as many pouches to equal the bottles you were using before. We’re continuously evolving to create as little waste as possible. Our latest packaging is 100% recyclable and has 87% less plastic to minimize the amount of waste created from beauty products.”


The Reality Is… 

“While we all like to think that we recycle, what we know is that most plastic is not recycled and ends up in landfill. So when our pouches do end up in landfill, they are flat, small and they take up much less space than a bottle. All of those elements of our sustainability are better.” 


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Sounds like an easy swap, right? Try out New Wash FREE!


2. Stop Using Shampoo and Conditioner

Yeah, you read that right. A huge contributor to salon waste across the world is plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles. What’s the fix? Finding an alternative like Hairstory New Wash, a shampoo-free cleanser that replaces detergent with oil-based cleansing. You can look into if ditching shampoo and conditioner is the right choice for you, or skim through this list.


Hairstory New Wash is:

  • 100% detergent-free
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Made with non-synthetic, all-natural fragrances
  • One product washes, conditions, detangles, and repairs without stripping away the natural protective layer on the scalp and hair.


New Wash users like Instagram-loved Jayne Matthews (@jayne_edosalon) owner of Edo Salon in San Francisco advocates how much clean products can transform client’s hair. “There are so many harmful toxins and synthetics that plague beauty salons, hairstylists and clients,” Jayne says. “Your hair’s natural oils are the best styling agent available. Hair shouldn’t be forced into an unnatural shape or blow-dried into submission. I’ve made it a mission to push the industry to take notice.” 


3. Support Brands That Support The Planet 

Salon owners, suite renters and independent stylists don’t always have the resources to feel like they’re making an eco-impact, so let a brand do it for you! Supporting brands that give back to earth conservation efforts is a great way to leave your mark while maintaining your business finances. 


Put your purchases to work:


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