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Last updated: April 01, 2024

Heart-Shaped Sectioning: How To Create Dimension Clients Will Love

Heart-Shaped Sectioning: Why You Should Be Doing It

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the hair—literally. While scrolling through our Insta feed, we peeped some swoon-worthy sectioning patterns and we had to learn more. Scroll down to learn why heart-shaped sectioning should be used for your next color service!


Create Natural Dimension

Even when using different shades of pink, heart-shaped partings will create natural dimension.



Remember: Bigger Is Brighter

For clients that aren’t afraid of bold blends, Dallas-based artist Sydney Ann Lopez (@sydneyannlopezhair) doesn’t shy away from being fashion color forward. “The bigger the sections of vibrant shade underneath the heart section, the more pop of individual color,” she explains. Afraid of the shades bleeding together? Sydney warns it may be too much color melting, which can dull vibrant shades. “Instead, paint the underneath section in a pinwheel pattern, color melting only the heart-shaped section at the crown,” explains Sydney.


Pro Tip: Heart-shaped sectioning isn’t just for vibrant shades. Sydney likes to use this section pattern on her balayage clients as well. “Place your lowlights and dimension underneath the heart pattern,” she recommends, “it creates a natural depth for blondes.”


Check Out Sydney’s Heart-Shaped Color Placement

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Paint Panels That Pop

Not only does heart-shaped sectioning create a unique placement for painting, but it also gives versatility when styling. “Heart-shaped sections create an overlay,” explains BTC Visual Editor Megan Schipani (@shmeggsandbaconn). “The heart shape creates hidden panels underneath that can pop through depending on the style. So, the client gets a different dimension depending on if their hair is straight or curled.  


A Wavy Bob Will Always Have A Special Place In Our Hearts!

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