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Last updated: September 26, 2017

Go Bold With These 4 Color Formulas Using Guy Tang’s #mydentity Shades

These looks use only #mydentity @guy_tang!

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Picture this: Guy Tang. Almost 100 #hairbesties. More than 30 models. An unlimited supply of Guy’s new haircolor line, #mydentity @guy_tang. And a gorgeous, sunny and open West Hollywood studio space.


When BTC got our exclusive media invite, we knew we had to check out Guy’s 24-shade color line (with 70 more to come this summer!), first-hand. And these colors are seriously gorgeous you guys. Check out the bold and vibrant color formulas some of the #hairbesties came up with using only #mydentity shades and Olaplex. Your fashion color-loving clients will thank you. Get the formulas!


1. Edgy Mint Melt

Smoky shadow root plus a steely mint? Outstanding. This team lifted her to a Level 9/10 with #Big9 + 20-volume developer + Olaplex. Then they painted her roots with Dark Shadow + 20-volume developer + Olaplex, and hit the mids with just Dark Shadows. They rinsed, shampooed, and hit the mids again with Charcoal + Olaplex, then touched the ends with Mint + Olaplex.


2. Rose Valentine

Kenra Professional Neon Hair Battle Winner Emma Hancock (@masterpiecehair) teamed up with @silasthestylist for this rose-pink glow. They started with Dark Shadow + 7RG at the root. Then they melted that into a couple of shades, like an 8RG that they created by mixing 7RG + 9RG and a pretty pink hue created with Dual Booster Color Max Pink Glow + 6-volume developer. The ribbons of purple come from 6DL + 8DL, and the lightest pink shade is a mix of Direct Dye Vibrant Pastel in Arctic Blue + Pink Diamond + Lavender Lust + 10SS + 10-volume developer.


3. Direct Dye DIY

When @pinupjordan is on your team, you know you’re going to get some mermaid hair. This team created their own vibrant shades using Olaplex No. 2 and the Dual Booster Color Max shades. They popped their “DIY” shades on teased highlights, melted down from a root shadow of Dark Shadow + 8DL + 10DL (added once they realized the original mix was too dark!) + 6-volume developer.


4. Perfect Pastel Purple

Think obtaining perfection is impossible? Think again because this pastel purple color formula is the definition of perfect. This team started by applying 45g 8DL + 5g Dark Shadow + 6-volume developer to the roots. On the midshaft, alternate applying slices of 45g 8DL + 5g Ultra Violet and 45g 8DL + 5g Pink Glow. For the ends, use a mix of 10DL + a booger of Pink Glow. This team also included Olaplex in each formula to maintain the integrity of their model’s hair. Finish the look with the ever-popular beach wave style.


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