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Last updated: July 23, 2020

California Suite Stylists Petition For Indoor Services

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Image via Sola Salon Studios.

Suites Are Safe For Indoor Services, California Suite Owners Say

The majority of salons in California are only allowed to operate if they take their services outside—which stylists say is unsanitary and an unsustainable business model. Salon suites in the state have come together to ask California Gov. Gavin Newsom to allow suites to reopen for indoor service, with a letter signed by nearly 6,000 self-employed beauty professionals. Keep reading for the details.



Salon suite concepts MY SALON Suite, Sola Salon Studios, Salons by JC, Phenix Salon Suites and Image Studios banded together to issue a call to action to Gov. Newsom, representing 1,000+ locations nationally with 30,000+ self-employed beauty pros in 44 states. The suite concepts say more than 2.6 million services are performed in their establishments each month nationwide, with zero outbreaks to customers reported at any location.


California beauty pros in the suites provide services to more than 20 clients per week (over 400,000 clients per month statewide). Out of the 6,000 salon suite stylists, only 14 have tested positive for COVID-19. COVID-19 cases in the California salon suites locations are 0.0023 per 100 beauty professionals, the letter states.


This table shows how many stylists at suite locations across the country and in California specifically contracted COVID-19. There are no reported outbreaks to any clients. Source: Safe Inside Salon Suites letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom


“If salons opened and suddenly COVID-19 skyrocketed, I think we’d all be keeping our mouths shut right now. But the truth is our stylists have been so strictly following all the protocols,” says Jennie Wolff, Sola Salon Studios Chief Marketing Officer. “They are wearing masks, disinfecting between clients, keeping doors locked to eliminate foot traffic, wearing PPE, and they’re making less money—and they’re doing all that to try to stay open. It’s working, and they still got shut down.”


“While we appreciate [the state of California] taking a proactive approach in trying to keep salon professionals working, this solution is not sustainable. Most of our locations have more than 25 members working within our suites. It is not realistic for all of those members to be outside providing services at the same time. There are complications with water, power, logistics and not enough outdoor space in a parking lot to allow for that,” said Ken McAllister, CEO of MY SALON Suite. “We have the most comprehensive protocols in the salon industry and moving services outside will actually make it harder for us to adhere to the CDC regulations we already have in place in an environment that is more controlled. Our hope with this letter is to bring attention to opening up our salon suites in a safe  and positive manner ”


Here’s why California stylists in salon suites should be allowed to see clients indoors, according to the letter sent this week to Gov. Newsom.


Layout & Physical Space

The inherent model of a salon suite limits the number of people inside the studio. “Each stylist operates in the safety of a completely private one-to-one office,” the letter states. “These suites are enclosed with walls, ceilings and doors that separate them from the common hallways. The cosmetologist does not share any tools, sinks, chairs, equipment or surfaces. There is no congregation of clients. There are over 6,000 cosmetologists working this way in California alone.”



Plus, the layout of salon suite buildings can also contribute to social distancing measures. “Because of our unique layout and intentional design, salon suites have the ability to meet the health and safety standards much like a dental or other medical office facility. This intentional design also allows us to keep the entry door locked to prohibit walk-ins and other foot traffic to minimize contact,” the letter says.


Comprehensive Protocols

The major suites brands prepared a comprehensive plan that includes protocols on cleaning and disinfection, social distancing and mask requirements reflecting CDC, state and local guidance. The companies also partnered with Barbicide® to certify and retrain stylists in salon disinfection. 



Giving Business Owners A Way To Make A Living

As independent proprietors, the letter states that salon suite stylists are a vulnerable population, and “nearly 90 percent women, many of whom are the primary providers for their families.”


“After more than 12 weeks without income during the initial shutdown, they are now facing an even tougher economic challenge with dwindling resources,” the letter says.


California Suite Stylists: Here’s How You Can Make Your Voice Heard

Sola Salon Studios lists ways you can get involved:


  • Submit online or printed letters to your local representatives and Gov. Newsom
  • Sign the online petition for allowing suites to reopen
  • Take the California Roadmap to Recovery survey to give input on how to reopen salons


Click here to access all of the info from Sola and take action.


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