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Last updated: April 27, 2022

Bridal Styling: 10 Tips To Start & Finish Strong

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10 Prep & Finishing Tips To Make Bridal Styles Last


What’s the secret to giving brides long-lasting styles that look good during photos AND on the dance floor? A strong prep and the right finishing products. We snagged 10 (YES 10!) prep and finishing tips from BTC Team Member and bridal expert Kasia Fortuna (@kasia_fortuna) to use during your next styling session ASAP!


Scroll down for her go-to prep and finishing products, how to avoid a helmet-shaped updo and how to give blondes that piece-y dimension they crave. 



1. Shampoo Twice To Cleanse & Moisturize

A double shampoo will remove product buildup and prep the hair for styling. Kasia uses the Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner from Moroccanoil® because it moisturizes the scalp, strengthens the hair and gives it a healthy shine. 


2. Prep With These Moisturizing Products 

Kasia applies Moroccanoil® Hydrating Styling Cream throughout and Mending Infusion on mids to ends to lock in moisture and prevent the hair from looking brittle. If ends are in need of extra TLC, use a small amount of Moroccanoil® Treatment or Treatment Light for added hydration.


Pro Tip: Tame flyaways and define curls by working Hydrating Styling Cream in your hands and gently shape curls when finishing. 


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3. Blow-Dry In Sections For Complete Control

Kasia recommends always starting a styling service with a blow dry so you have complete control of the style from start to finish. Dry the hair layer by layer for an even, controlled blow dry. 


Pro Tip: Always use a heat protectant! Kasia applies the Perfect Defense Heat Protectant Spray from Moroccanoil® generously before she begins using thermal tools. 


Watch Kasia Achieve A Smooth Blow Dry With Moroccanoil® Smoothing Lotion In The Video Below!

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4. Focus Texturizing Products At The Base To Create A Solid Foundation 

New growth may need some extra grip for styling, so apply texturizing products like the Volumizing Mousse from Moroccanoil® at the root will create a strong base for curls and long-lasting volume.


5. Pre-Plan Curl Direction For Strategic Definition & Texture 

If you like to pre curl brides before placing pins, the right curl placement will save time and sanity when it’s time for final touches. Check out Kasia’s curl cheat sheet below:


  • Curl the sides away from the face to create curls that hug and frame the face.
  • At the crown, alternate the direction of the curls to create a workable texture.
  • At the mohawk section curl the hair back so curls start at the base of the crown to create defined pieces that pop. 


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6. Get Defined, Glossy Waves With A Pinch + Spray Combo

To create effortless waves Kasia sprays each section with Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray Medium and combs it through before curling. After letting the curls cool, she breaks them up with her fingers and then pinches the edges of each curl, setting with spray for added definition and texture.


Watch Kasia’s Pinch & Spray Technique Below & Read The Caption For More Pro Tips!

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7. Crimp Fine Hair At The Root For Volume + Texture 

Give fine-haired clients maximum hold by applying Perfect Defense Heat Protectant Spray generously throughout the hair and crimping at the roots to add volume texture. 


8. Avoid A Helmet-Shaped Style With These Placement Tips

Placing curls too high on the head can turn a boho upstyle into an old-fashioned bouffant real quick. Check out these quick tips for avoiding a helmet shape: 


  • Use the client’s ear as a guide and start curls towards the back or behind the ear.
  • When backcombing, hold subsections in the center back out 90 degrees to create volume that moves back, not up. 
  • At the apex, curl the hair back so the base of the curl lays on the head, creating a shape that is round but not high. 


9. Give Blonde Brides More Dimension With This Styling Trick

Apply Moroccanoil® Dry Shampoo Dark Tones at the roots to create depth and dimension on blonde hues. 


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10. Apply A Shine Spray For A Flawless Finish

Finish styles with the Glimmer Shine Spray from Moroccanoil® to create a luxurious mirror like shine.


A Simple Accessory + A Shine Finishing Spray = The Perfect Bridal Pony

Instagram via @kasia_fortuna


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