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Last updated: August 02, 2017

Ask Rogaine: 6 Important Thinning Hair Questions

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As a professional and a businessperson, you want and need the facts. So recently, BTC sat down with Nancy Sabin, Vice President of U.S. Brand Marketing for the Rogaine® Brand, for answers to some frequently asked questions about the new Women’s Rogaine® Foam salon program.


So let’s get this straight. A mass brand has decided to move into the salon channel of distribution? As far as we know, this has never happened in our industry before. Why have you decided to launch Women’s Rogaine® Foam into the salon channel and offer salon pros the chance to retail it to their clients?


Nancy: We understand that hair loss is a sensitive issue and a journey for women, and it’s a journey that often starts in the salon. The role of the hairdresser is incredibly important. We want to arm stylists not just with the products, but with all of the education and information they need to guide their clients through this journey. We want to take the shame and embarrassment out of hair loss—the same way the conversation has been opened up about gray hair and wrinkles! To provide support for salon professionals on how to talk to and style the client who has thinning hair, we’ve built a microsite for salon pros. It also provides all the information about our new Women’s Rogaine® Foam.



How do you see this opportunity benefiting stylists?


Nancy: Often, women will find themselves in the aisles at the pharmacy trying to figure out what to do about this issue. When you give Women’s Rogaine® Foam to a salon professional and you educate the professional, they’re able to speak to their clients in a few different ways—they can offer style and care ideas, and also offer them something that is proven to work in re-growing their hair. It’s just another step in the beauty regimen that professionals can offer their clients.


How is Women’s Rogaine® Foam different from the other salon hair loss products currently available in salons?


Nancy: That’s an easy one and something that’s really important for stylists to know. Women’s Rogaine® Foam is the first and only once-daily, FDA-approved product with 5% Minoxidil. It has been proven to grow hair in 81 percent of women; and the hair that comes in is up to 48 percent thicker. It’s the most effective product available in the salon channel. Plus, the lightweight, non-sticky foam formula is so convenient! It can be incorporated into any styling routine, and what woman isn’t familiar with foam? We’ve discovered that foam is the most effective form of delivery for this product. It is heat activated so it dissolves directly into the scalp upon application, which means it won’t interfere with the client’s hairstyle.


Why is 5% Minoxidil significant?


Nancy: For two reasons. It’s the highest concentration of Minoxidil that’s approved by the FDA for women. When tested, it was also proven to be effective when used just once a day, every day, while other formulas on the market containing this ingredient have to be applied twice a day. For busy women, that’s a huge point of difference!


Women’s Rogaine® is approved by the FDA. Can you explain this a bit?


Nancy: It signifies that the Rogaine® Brand made the commitment to conduct years of clinical studies and collect data to ensure complete safety. Because of that, it’s confidently recommended by leading doctors. FDA approval should provide stylists with complete assurance when recommending Women’s Rogaine® Foam to their clients.


Why should salon professionals feel confident about recommending Women’s Rogaine® Foam?


Nancy: It’s important to know that the Rogaine® Brand has been around and investing in clinical studies that show safety and efficacy for more than 25 years! We’re the leader in hair regrowth—it’s in our DNA, and it’s what sets us apart from our competitors. The Rogaine® Brand was the first to introduce FDA-approved topical hair regrowth treatment products for both men and women. It continues to be our sole focus—offering men and women the right treatments, tools, experts and information to successfully navigate through the hair loss and regrowth journey.


Finally…Women’s Rogaine is now available where the conversation begins—the salon!