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Last updated: October 03, 2017

A Personal Assistant for Your Color!

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Who wouldn’t want a personal salon assistant to help capture detailed client histories, precise formulas, make batch sizing recommendations based on profiles and provide business efficiencies and savings? Yeah…that’s what we thought! SureTint Technologies is proud to introduce their newest salon software system and stylist app called Mia“My Intelligent Assistant.” Available in two versions: an intuitive, portable software system for salons (with docking station and scale for a salon dispensary or color bar) and an app for independent stylists.


Mia is a multi-platform, innovative, intelligent software designed to support artistry while providing essential and necessary tools for salons and stylists to elevate their professionalism, better manage their haircolor and chemical service business, maintain detailed, secure client profiles and history (including before and after client shots). Mia provides accurate, repeatable color results which results in loyal, happy clients. 



Mia showcases a stylist’s professionalism and skills by allowing them to focus on their artistry, while keeping the client engaged in the chair. Stylists do the “magic”, Mia does the math, and the overall business benefits. It’s a win-win!


• Mia captures and records detailed client hair profiles and exact formulas
• Computes the “math automatically and…
• Sizes the exact amount of haircolor, developers or other chemical services to dispense for every service type.
• The exact amount of color (or other service products) means less waste, more profits and a healthier working environment.
• Accurate, repeatable color results each and every time which boosts client retention and satisfaction.    


In addition, the unique Mia reporting portal provides invaluable, dynamic dashboards that give you a REAL-TIME, on-demand view of your color and chemical service business and is accessible from any Internet-connect device. Best of all, Mia is designed to work on tablets, iPads, iPhones and portable devices—so it goes where you go!


“Mia by SureTint Technologies has an extraordinary and exciting value proposition for the professional beauty marketplace. With our current Mia offering, as well as new products being introduced next year, we are able to provide measurable benefits, insights and artistic support to all aspects of the salon industry—from owners and managers to stylists and ultimately their clients.” commented Beth Christie, CEO of SureTint Technologies.


For more information visit (for salons), (for independent stylists and booth/suite renters) or call 888-539-3787 to schedule a demo today!