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How Celebrity Hairstylist Davontae’ Washington Adapts His Creative & Technical Skills To Each A-List Client

Celebrity hairstylist Davontae’ Washington (@iamdavontae) is having a whirlwind of a year thus far thanks to his work on A-listers like Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Megan Thee Stallion, Lizzo, Ciara, Victoria Monét and Keke Palmer just to name a few. His momentum in the hair industry the past year is evident in the work he’s created and by the looks of it—he’s not letting up anytime soon.


Ahead, Davontae’ shares an inside look at how he works with his clients to execute such memorable looks—plus the advice that stuck with him long before he started working with some of Hollywood’s biggest names.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @iamdavontae

Davontae’ working with Kim Kardashian for her role in “American Horror Story: Delicate, Part Two”


What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?: Years ago as I embarked on my career journey, my mentor advised me to always offer guidance and support sincerely. He emphasized that as I progress and gain assistants and mentees, I should impart knowledge with genuine care, knowing that what is meant for me cannot be taken away and that blessings will continue to come from above, enriching both my career and me.

What is one product and one tool you can’t live without?: I literally CANNOT live without my Dyson® blowdryer and Wella Professionals Miracle Hair Rescue Treatment.

What is your take on viral hairstyling trends? Should stylists lean in?:
In 2010 to 2011 when Instagram emerged, my friends and I quickly adopted it, shifting to this new platform from Facebook—leaving it behind for the previous generation. I recall my mom feeling left out and struggling to understand Instagram, even to this day. Now, with TikTok, I find myself in a similar situation—it’s overwhelming to navigate. However, I believe it’s crucial for stylists to stay current. It allows them to display their talents, appeal to a younger audience and it keeps your clients looking young a fresh.


A look at some memorable looks Davontae’ has created:

Kim Kardashian | Photo Credit: Instagram via @iamdavontae



How do you decide on your clients’ looks? Is it a collaboration? Do they give you full creative control?: Every client is unique; some already come with a mood board, and I execute the look while adding my touch and customizing it to suit their face. In other cases, we collaborate and brainstorm as a team to create a standout look together that would just eat!!!

Can you recall a specific client or moment that you identify as a “breakthrough” in your career?:
I humbly believe that every client represents a breakthrough moment for me. I am constantly in awe of each person I work with. It’s surreal to me that I find myself in the presence of such remarkable individuals and that my work is showcased on the red carpet.


What’s one thing you’ll always find in your hair kit?: You’ll always find a comb and shears—two important tools to hairstyling .

Most-worn piece of black clothing?:
I always wear my black SKIMS t-shirts. If you don’t have one, you should get some and I promise you won’t wear anything else after.

Dream clients? Past, present, future?: Past:
Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child. Current: Kim Kardashian. Future: Beyoncé.


What is something you do or don’t do that goes against what you learned in cosmetology school?: In this industry, I often find myself deviating from what I learned in cosmetology school to ensure I achieve the desired look. With limited time, usually just two hours or less for glam and multiple people working on one client, it’s challenging to perform a proper layered cut when the head is constantly being moved.

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