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Last updated: May 17, 2019

Viral® Bold Tones Fashion Color Care® Systems

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Say hello to the latest in color innovation, Viral® Fashion Color Care® Systems from Celeb Luxury®. Leland Hirsh is the brains behind this new Color Care® System and, along with the help of his Celeb Luxury team, created a new category in haircolor, resulting in a patent-pending technology called ColorpositTM. And it’s about to change the way you color hair!


Have you ever had a client who wants a bold, fashion shade without the lengthy color application process? Viral® Fashion Color Care® Systems is your answer. It adds color to the hair while cleansing and stops the color from visibly washing out or fading. Whether your client has prelightened hair and wants to add color, or already has a bold color, Viral® Colorwash can conquer either task! Adding Viral® Colorwash will enhance her existing shade, or will easily add color to those prelightened locks. Colorwash® truly cleanses the hair with robust sudsing action and can be easily mixed with their conditioner companions: Moisturewash® and BlonditionerTM with BonduranceTM technology, to provide more moisturization and durable conditioning for up to five shampoos.


Viral® Fashion Color Care® Systems comes in 10 bold tones: Extreme Silver, Extreme Yellow, Extreme Teal, Extreme Blue, Extreme Purple, Extreme Red, Extreme Hot Pink, Pastel Baby Blue, Pastel Lavender, Pastel Light Pink and then the Extreme Moisturewash® and BlonditionerTM.


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