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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Superfuel from TIGI® Bed Head®


close formula

Supercharge your hair.

TIGI® Bed Head®, always playful, edgy, irreverent- while delivering
a performance packed punch- brings to you the newest addition
to their cult wash & care and styling collections—the Recharge™ and
Elasticate™ Shampoos and Conditioners and the Superfuel StylersOn The Rebound™ Curl Recall Cream and Straighten Out™Straightening Cream.

Recharge™ and Elasticate™ deliver Bed Head®’s signature unconventional packaging, textures and fragrances with an electric twist; delivering high-octane shine and full blast, elastic strength

The Superfuel Stylers feature breakthrough technologies that solve the most common hairstyling problems: maintaining perfectly defined curls all day and keeping hair super straight even in hostile environments!

Click here to enter for a chance to win a Superfuel Styling Set!

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Superfuel from TIGI® Bed Head®

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