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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Shear Sharpening by Wicked Sharp Shears

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When looking for a shear sharpener, stylists have a lot of criteria that need to be met. Authorized? Check. Experienced? Check. Reputable? Check. Timely? Well, knowing that stylists need their shears expertly sharpened but with a quick turnaround, John Kuipers of Wicked Sharp Shears in Jupiter, FL offers a mail-in service that guarantees stylists will have their shears sharpened and returned within two days of John receiving them. Pretty sweet, huh?

John is a man of his word. He usually returns shears within 24 hours of receiving them and he guarantees to never exceed 48 hours. He is also so confident in his skills, that he offers full replacement insurance if any damage occurs during the sharpening, regardless if the shears were $100 or $1000. Communication is important to him too. If there is irreparable damage caused during a previous sharpening, he will not attempt a cheap fix but will return the shears and refund the payment.

Repeat customers are what drive Wicked Sharp Shears. Therefore, when John mails your shears back in protective packaging, he not only picks up the return shipping, but also includes a postage-paid return envelope for the next set of shears you need sharpened.

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